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Chen; Xiao-Zhu
Shenzhen, CN
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8295060 Mounting apparatus and system for PCI card October 23, 2012
A mounting apparatus includes a mounting member and a bracket. The mounting member includes a base piece and a latch piece located on the base piece. The latch piece is configured for securing a riser card. The bracket is configured for securing a PCI card, which is electronically co
8248820 Electronic device with power supply August 21, 2012
An electronic device includes a chassis, a power supply secured to the chassis adjacent to a rear wall of the chassis, a switch cable, a first cable clamp mounted to the chassis adjacent to an opening defined in a front wall of the chassis. The power supply includes an input connector,
8240363 Heat dissipation apparatus August 14, 2012
A heat dissipation apparatus includes a heat sink, a fan, and a fixing structure. The fan defines a number of fixing holes. The fixing structure includes a base, two resilient side panels bent from two sides of the base. The base and the side panels bound an accommodating space to ac
8238084 Notebook computer August 7, 2012
A notebook computer includes an main body defining a receiving groove therein, an auxiliary keyboard slidably accommodated in the receiving groove and electrically connected to the input part, and a cover pivotally connected to one side of the opening and configured for covering the
8201617 Heat sink and latch mechanism thereof June 19, 2012
A latch mechanism includes a press portion, two connection portions, and two latch portions. The two connection portions are connected to opposite ends of the press portion correspondingly. Each connection portion includes two connectors. First ends of the two connectors are connected
8149595 Mounting apparatus for expansion cards April 3, 2012
A mounting apparatus includes a bracket, a first circuit board, a securing member, and a second circuit board. The bracket includes a first sidewall, and an end wall perpendicularly extending from a front end of the first sidewall, for fixing a stop plate of a first expansion card. T
8072157 Circuit for driving LED December 6, 2011
A circuit for driving a light emitting diode (LED), the circuit includes a timer, first to third electronic switches, and a regulator. The timer provides a pulse signal to switch the first and second electronic switches. The first electronic switch provides a first level signal to on
8064208 Mounting apparatus for data storage device November 22, 2011
A mounting apparatus for a data storage device can prevent a bracket without data storage device from being placed in a computer enclosure. When the data storage device is not mounted in a bracket, a first end of a baffle extends into the bracket, a second end of the baffle extends out
8023258 Computer enclosure and storage device module thereof September 20, 2011
A computer enclosure includes a case comprising a drive bracket housing a number of compact disc drives and a storage device module mounted in the drive bracket in the absence of installed disk drives. The storage device module includes a supporting frame fixed in the drive bracket, a
7995341 Electronic device with heat dissipating mechanism August 9, 2011
An electronic device includes a base and a sidewall attached to the base. The sidewall includes a heat dissipating area defining a plurality of vents, a sliding plate slidably coupled to an inner side of the sidewall, and a controlling arm made of metal material having high coefficient o
7995033 Power saving device for display August 9, 2011
A power saving device includes a first power connector adapted for connecting to a power source, a second power connector adapted for connecting to a power wire of a display, an infrared sensor, an infrared coupling circuit, a wave shaping circuit, and a switch circuit connected betw
7989990 Automatic shut off apparatus for electronic device August 2, 2011
An automatic shut off apparatus for an electronic device includes an input circuit, a timing circuit, a control circuit, and a switch circuit. The input circuit is to receive a designated power-off time delay for the electronic device. The control circuit is to receive the designated
7952868 Computer enclosure and data storage device bracket of the computer enclosure May 31, 2011
A computer enclosure is used to install a computer motherboard therein. The computer motherboard includes a number of peripheral component interconnect (PCI) sockets for mounting a number of PCI cards. When some of the number of PCI sockets are not used, the disclosure provides a data
7922496 Motherboard April 12, 2011
A motherboard includes a motherboard substrate and an external interface module including a plurality of external interfaces. The external interface module is detachably and electrically connected to the motherboard substrate.
7855886 Electronic device and heat dissipation apparatus thereof December 21, 2010
An electronic device can conveniently change and assemble a heat dissipation apparatus which is received in the electronic device and dissipates heat for the electronic device. The electronic device with a fan heat dissipation apparatus can be replaced by a blower heat dissipation ap
7847712 Adaptor for memory card December 7, 2010
An adaptor for a memory card includes a printed circuit board (PCB) conversion board, a memory card connector, a serial interface connector, a signal convertor, and a parallel interface connector. When a motherboard is connected to the serial interface connector, serial signals outpu
7839644 Fixing apparatus for heat sink November 23, 2010
A fixing apparatus is provided for retaining a heat sink to a circuit board. The fixing apparatus includes a mount fixed to the circuit board, two locking members attached to the mount, and a clip. The mount defines a receiving hole accommodating the heat sink. The clip includes a po
7839638 Power supply assembly November 23, 2010
A power supply assembly includes two brackets, a fan detachably mounted between the brackets, and a main body. Each bracket includes an elastic member extending from an end of the bracket. The main body includes a receiving space, and two opposite mounting walls bounding the receiving
7825539 Electronic device with power connection module November 2, 2010
An electronic device includes a first power supply unit, a second power supply unit, and a control circuit. The control circuit connected between the first power supply unit and the second power supply unit is configured for detecting an output power of the first power supply unit, a
7821789 Heat dissipating apparatus for chips October 26, 2010
A heat dissipating apparatus includes a heat sink, a blower, and a fan. The blower and the fan can be mounted together via a connection element. The heat sink defines an accommodating space. The blower and the fan can be positioned to the heat sink via the connection element, with the
7817416 Mounting apparatus for fan October 19, 2010
A mounting apparatus is provided for mounting a fan in a chassis defining an exhaust opening in an end wall thereof. The mounting apparatus includes a frame adapted to receive the fan, and be inserted into or drawn out of the chassis via the exhaust opening. The frame includes at lea
7815266 Cabinet for electronic devices October 19, 2010
A cabinet is provided for electronic devices. The cabinet includes a rack receiving a plurality of electronic device, and a climbing platform. The climbing platform includes a receiving member installed in the rack, and a folding stepladder slidably received in the receiving member. The
7763105 Adjustable air filter for computer and assembly using the same July 27, 2010
An adjustable air filter for a computer, includes a bracket, a plurality of frames with air filter units set therein rotatably mounted to the bracket, a first transmission bar connected with each of the frames, a second transmission bar rotatably mounted to the bracket and connected
7748883 Mounting apparatus for light guide pipe July 6, 2010
An exemplary mounting apparatus is for adjustably fixing a light guide pipe in a chassis of an electronic device. The chassis includes a mounting plate. The mounting apparatus includes a first sleeve engaging with the light guide pipe, a second sleeve attached to the mounting plate,
7746016 Fan controller June 29, 2010
A fan controller includes an input module and an output module. The input module is used for receiving a power supply signal from a power supply which is used for providing power to a fan, and outputting a trigger signal when the power supply signal when the power supply turns off. The
7742296 Computer having apparatuses for cooling elements June 22, 2010
A computer includes a chassis, a motherboard, an air guiding member, and a fan. The chassis includes a rear wall at a rear side thereof and a sidewall at a lateral side thereof. The rear wall defines a plurality of inlet holes therein, and the sidewall defines a plurality of outlet holes
7701708 Heat dissipation assembly April 20, 2010
A heat dissipation assembly for dissipating heat from a heat-generating component includes a first heat sink mounted on the heat-generating component for dissipating heat therefrom, and a second heat sink movably mounted to the first heat sink, to be adjustable relative to the first
7690839 Thermal testing apparatus April 6, 2010
A thermal testing apparatuses for a server system (22) includes a heating module (16), at least one temperature sensor (191), a micro control unit (MCU) (192), a trigger controlling circuit (193) and a display module (20). The heating module heats airflow at an entry of the server system
7656664 Airflow direction controlling apparatus February 2, 2010
An airflow direction controlling apparatus includes a frame arranged near an outlet of a fan, at least one blade pivotably mounted to the frame and driven by a motor, at least two thermal sensors for detecting temperatures of at least two electronic components in a computer, and a co
7643299 Clip for heat sink January 5, 2010
A clip for mounting a heat sink on a circuit board includes a positioning coil for rotatably engaging with the heat sink. Two elongated arms extend from two ends of a line bisecting the positioning coil respectively, and a pair of hooks formed at distal portions of the two arms respectiv
7643289 Frame for mounting data storage device January 5, 2010
A frame for mounting a data storage device, includes a holder configured for mounting the data storage thereto, a baffle board mounted to the holder, and a V-shaped air guiding board mounted to the holder between the baffle board and the data storage device. An intake defined in the
7632581 Battery box December 15, 2009
A battery box includes a housing, a positive electrode member, and a negative electrode member. The housing includes a receiving space in a side thereof for receiving at least one battery therein. The receiving space defines two slots at opposite ends thereof. The positive electrode
7591670 Connector device having counter thereof September 22, 2009
A connector device having a counter thereof includes a connector, a micro control unit, an encoder, a display drive unit, and a display unit. The connector provides a power signal to the micro control unit when plugged an electrified device. The micro control unit outputs data and clock
7584067 Apparatus for measuring average power consumption of computer system September 1, 2009
An apparatus for measuring average power consumption of a computer system includes a current to voltage converter for receiving an operating current of the computer system and transforming the operating current into a voltage signal; an analog-digital converter connected to the curre
7578614 Thermal resistance measuring apparatus August 25, 2009
A thermal resistance measuring apparatus for a heat sink includes a heat source, a temperature sensor, a micro control unit (MCU), a display, and a power apparatus. The heat source heats the heat sink. The temperature sensor senses temperature signals of the heat source. The MCU receives
7573716 Bolster plate assembly for printed circuit board August 11, 2009
A bolster plate assembly for a printed circuit board includes a first structure member, a second structure member rotatably mounted to the first structure member, and a plurality of locking members. Two spaced, elongated sliding slots are defined in the first structure member. Two sp
7554810 Mounting apparatus for securing heat dissipation module to circuit board June 30, 2009
A heat dissipating apparatus includes a plurality of posts for being detachably attached to a circuit board adjacent a socket mounted thereon, a mounting frame for being attached to the heat dissipation module, and a plurality of support devices. Each support device comprises an enlarged
7549790 Measuring apparatus for thermal resistance of heat dissipating device June 23, 2009
A measuring apparatus for measuring the thermal resistance of a heat dissipating device, the heat dissipating device includes a fan and a heat sink. The measuring apparatus includes a base, and a fixing member. The base receives a heat element and the heat sink therein. The base includes
7542282 Electronic module locking and ejecting apparatus June 2, 2009
An electronic module locking and ejecting apparatus includes a carriage, a sliding bracket slidably attached in the carriage, an ejector pivotably mounted to the carriage, a first resilient member, and a second resilient member. A stopping lip is formed on the sliding bracket. The ejecto
7541762 Control circuit for a fan June 2, 2009
A control circuit for controlling rotational speed of a fan for an electronic device includes a temperature detecting unit for detecting an ambient temperature of the electronic device, and outputting a corresponding detection result; a control unit receiving the detection result fro
7532468 Heat sink having high heat dissipation efficiency May 12, 2009
A heat sink includes a thermally conductive base, a plurality of thermally conductive fins extending from the base, and a guiding member. The base has a top surface from which the fins extend, and a bottom surface for being attached onto a heat-generating electronic component. A channel
7518320 LED control circuit capable of automatically controlling brightness of LEDs according to ambient April 14, 2009
An exemplary LED control circuit includes an observation circuit to detect brightness of ambient light and generating a voltage signal accordingly; a sampling circuit to receive the voltage signal and generate a control signal according to the voltage signal; a controller to generate a
7492592 Heat dissipating apparatus for equipment chassis February 17, 2009
A heat dissipating apparatus includes a bracket mounted in an equipment chassis, a fixing plate, a fan installed on the fixing plate, a rotating device mounted in the bracket and rotatably connecting with the fixing plate, and a circuit board fixed in the bracket. The circuit board i
7438575 Electrical connector October 21, 2008
An electrical connector includes an enclosure, a male member, a female member, and an operating member. The enclosure defines an opening in an end thereof. The female member is slidably mounted in the enclosure, and includes a housing defining a plurality of through holes. The male membe

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