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Chen; Shun-Min
Taipei, TW
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D619382 High chair July 13, 2010
D609612 Stroller frame February 9, 2010
D581683 Baby bed December 2, 2008
D578044 Frame for baby carriage October 7, 2008
D552014 Buckle assembly October 2, 2007
D537285 Bag for a playpen February 27, 2007
D537277 Baby crib February 27, 2007
D529844 Stroller October 10, 2006
D517403 Coupler for a top rail of playpen March 21, 2006
D501159 Stroller frame January 25, 2005
D494393 Top rail of a playpen August 17, 2004
D493985 Baby's bed leg August 10, 2004
D487640 Safety seat for vehicles March 23, 2004
D486099 Double-seat stroller February 3, 2004
D481209 Baby seat October 28, 2003
8251382 Stroller and seat assembly mechanism for a stroller August 28, 2012
A seat assembly mechanism for a stroller has a seat frame and a main frame. The seat assembly mechanism includes a positioning device and a seat supporting member. The positioning device is disposed on the seat frame and includes a positioning pin movable between a locking position a
8201667 Braking system with single actuation for a stroller June 19, 2012
Braking system for a stroller utilizes an actuator to move two brakes close to an axis to unlock the rear wheels of the stroller and away from the axis to lock the rear wheels. Each brake comprises a long arm. The brakes are disposed at the opposite sides of the axis. When the actuator
8177303 Seatbelt adjusting device May 15, 2012
A seatbelt adjusting device includes: a guiding track provided with a plurality of first engaging members; a belt-connecting slider mounted on the guiding track and slidable on the guiding track; an actuator mounted movably on the belt-connecting slider, provided with a second engaging
8141943 Children's chair March 27, 2012
Children's chair having a height adjusting device and a folding device completes folding up by height adjusting. A first leg frame of the children's chair includes a first upper leg and a first lower leg capable moving relatively. When operating the height adjusting device to adjust
8047609 Infant rocking chair and driving device for driving the same November 1, 2011
A driving device is adapted for an infant rocking chair. The rocking chair includes a seat body and a bottom seat. The driving device includes a base, a supporting element, first and second motion mechanisms, and a power mechanism. The first motion mechanism includes a horizontal first
7950081 Changing table for playard May 31, 2011
This invention relates to a folding mechanism for a playard, which comprises first and second joints substantially cylindrical in shape. The joints have arcuate plates and stops that cooperative with each other to effect the rotation between the joints, so that the changing table can be
7930776 Playpen and fabric fixing device used therefor April 26, 2011
A playpen includes a top frame, pairs of supporting legs in which the supporting legs of each pair have top ends connected to the top frame at two spaced apart positions and bottom ends extending toward each other, and a fabric enclosure having a lower portion and an upper portion which
7871100 Collapsible stroller January 18, 2011
A collapsible stroller is provided. The collapsible stroller comprises a frame body and a seat unit, wherein the frame body comprises: an upper frame unit consisting of two upper frame tubes; two connecting members connecting the two upper frame tubes to two front legs respectively and
7854482 Safety guard mounting/dismounting device for a baby seat December 21, 2010
A safety guard mounting/dismounting device for a baby seat is provided. The safety guard mounting/dismounting device comprises a mounting seat fixed to leg tubes of the baby seat, a connecting member whose one end being fixed to the safety guard and the other end being inserted into the
7850236 Rotatable armrest assembly December 14, 2010
A rotatable armrest assembly comprises: an armrest support adapted to be connected to a base of the child car seat and having an insert hole; and an armrest having top and bottom ends that are opposite to each other in an axial direction, and provided with a shaft that extends into the
7849571 Buckle device December 14, 2010
The present invention relates to a buckle device used in child seats of a baby carriage or high chair, comprising first and second waist-strap adjusting device, first and second plug for waist-strap, first and second shoulder strap-coupling device, a socket and a release button. Each of
7845728 Infant rocking chair and driving device for driving the same December 7, 2010
A driving device is adapted for an infant rocking chair. The rocking chair includes a seat body and a bottom seat. The driving device includes a base, a supporting element, first and second motion mechanisms, and a power mechanism. The first motion mechanism includes a horizontal first
7832744 Stroller and backrest recline device thereof November 16, 2010
A stroller includes a main frame, a backrest, a backrest adjustor, and a linkage device. There is a guide rail formed inside the backrest adjustor. A positioning part of the backrest engages with the guide rail. When a handle of the linkage device is moved upward, a connecting compon
7815019 Braking mechanism October 19, 2010
The present invention provides a braking mechanism comprising a brake cable set, a spring, a connector, a pair of brake shoes, a brake band, a base, and a brake drum. The brake cable set makes the connector move downwards upon braking, such that the connector coupled to the pair of b
7810885 Single-hand height adjustment mechanism of highchair October 12, 2010
A Single-hand height adjustment mechanism of a highchair includes an operating unit handled with a single hand, and a locking unit connected with the operating unit. The operating unit uses simple movement, such as handle pressing or button pulling, to pull adjustment wires. The adju
7784151 Swivel locking device for stroller wheel August 31, 2010
A swivel locking device for stroller wheel, comprising: a seat, a wheel bearing assembly, a locking pin, a biasing member, and an operating member. The seat and the wheel bearing assembly are coupled so as to rotate with respect to each other. The locking pin may move between a first
7780237 Headrest for child seat August 24, 2010
A headrest assembly is adapted to be disposed on a child seat. The child seat includes a seat frame. The headrest assembly includes a mounting member connected to the seat frame, and a headrest plate including a mounting seat attached to the mounting member and including a pair of re
7780183 Single-hand-operated actuating mechanism for a foldable stroller August 24, 2010
An actuating mechanism for a foldable stroller includes a mounting housing disposed on a handle tube of the foldable stroller, and a disk disposed in the mounting housing and connected rotatably to the handle tube. The disk has a notch, and a control lever extending outwardly of the moun
7775532 Stroller connectable with a car seat August 17, 2010
A stroller is connected with a car seat, and includes a frame, a seat portion disposed on the frame, and a supporting member mounted to the seat portion. The supporting member is convertible between a supporting state where the supporting member stands on the seat portion, and a retr
7770267 Buckle August 10, 2010
Two wedges extended from the first arm and the second arm of the waist-strap fastener respectively are utilized to engage with the waist-strap button. With inclined surfaces that face with each other on the first arm and the second arm, the mounting section of the waist-strap button
7770245 Playard with bassinet August 10, 2010
The playard includes a frame body and a bassinet detachably mounted on the frame body. An opening and a cover that covers onto the opening are configured at the bottom panel of the bassinet. When the cover opens relative to the opening, a folding device at the bottom of the frame body
7757819 Braking device for child seat July 20, 2010
A braking device for a child seat is provided. The braking device comprises a first and second braking rods (20a, 20b), first and second braking pins (30a, 30b) and a braking pedal mechanism (40), the braking device being provided in a connecting tube (11) between two rear wheels (10
7753448 Seat position-adjusting device for a highchair July 13, 2010
A seat position-adjusting device is used to connect adjustably a seat to a leg unit of a highchair, and includes a tube component, a slide seat and a locking unit. The tube component is sleeved on the leg unit, and is formed with positioning holes aligned along a tube axis. The slide sea
7748782 Tilt adjustment mechanism for child safety seat July 6, 2010
In accordance with one embodiment, tilt adjustment mechanism mounted on a child safety seat is provided, the tilt adjustment mechanism including: a seat portion having a recess; and a support block pivotally connected to the seat portion having a first protruding portion, the support blo
7744156 Child safety seat assembly with buckle positioning member June 29, 2010
A child safety seat assembly for mounting on a vehicle seat includes: a seat body having two opposite lateral sides; and a buckle-positioning member that is provided on the seat body and that is operable to hold a buckle provided on the vehicle seat at one of the lateral sides of the
7735919 Safety belt device and seat assembly incorporating the same June 15, 2010
A safety belt device is mounted on a support member that is formed with a positioning hole, and includes a belt, an anchor member that permits a first end portion of the belt to extend therethrough and that is retained removably on the support member at the positioning hole, and an elast
7731220 Frame assembly for double-seat baby stroller June 8, 2010
A frame assembly for a double-seat baby stroller is provided. The frame assembly comprises: a first frame including a first main post, plural first bars, plural second bars, plural third bar, a central post and a first folding device pivotally connected to one another; and a second f
7717456 Stroller with linkage assembly May 18, 2010
The stroller applies a first link of the linkage assembly pivotally connecting between the handle and the protecting guard and a second link of the linkage pivotally connecting between the front frame and the protecting guard. During the folding process of the stroller, the first and
7712765 Stroller having a single folding shaft May 11, 2010
A stroller utilizes a handle folding assembly and a front frame folding assembly for a compact, easy storing folded size. An axle of the handle folding assembly rotates when a wrench is operated with single hand and two first sliders are brought to approach axially to each other and
7708119 Brake device for pushcart May 4, 2010
A brake device for a pushcart includes a main movable member disposed movably within a main seat, an auxiliary movable member disposed movably within an auxiliary seat, and a connecting member interconnecting the main and auxiliary movable members. The main movable member is biased to
7703843 Collapsible highchair with locking device April 27, 2010
A collapsible highchair with a locking device includes a first frame, a second frame which is pivotally connected to the first frame in "X" shape, a seat portion pivotally connected to upper sections of the frames, a backrest connected to the upper section of the first frame, a locki
7669298 Buckle assembly March 2, 2010
A buckle assembly for connecting safety belts according to one embodiment of the present invention is provided. The buckle assembly includes a buckle body including two side openings; a release button disposed in the buckle body including an engaging portion; two shoulder-strap buckles
7648150 Shock-absorbing device for stroller January 19, 2010
A shock-absorbing device for a stroller includes: a wheel mounting seat including a sleeve part having first and second sides, and an extending part extending outwardly from the first side of the sleeve part; a shock-absorber seat having a first end portion that is formed with a whee
7635159 Collapsing device and child seat using the same December 22, 2009
A collapsing device for child seat is provided. The collapsing device comprises a operating mechanism mounted on a connecting tube of the child seat, a safety button for preventing an accidental actuation of the operating mechanism, two engaging units disposed in the connecting tube
7631935 Child car seat device with wing components December 15, 2009
A child car seat device with wing components includes a seat assembly, a backrest assembly and a headrest assembly, which are each connected together. The headrest assembly includes a headrest body, two headrest wing components, and two pivots passing through the headrest body and he
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