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Chen; Gao
Beijing, CN
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8229870 Constraint based system with domain splitting July 24, 2012
A solver for a constraint satisfaction problem includes a plurality of variables and a plurality of constraints. A floating point variable has a domain and is assigned a value by first determining if a predetermined value can be assigned to the floating point variable if the predetermine
8170970 Constraint based system that identifies top constraint expressions May 1, 2012
A constraint solver solves a constraint satisfaction problem ("CSP") that includes a network of variables and constraints. The solver receives a sub-expression and determines if the sub-expression is an internal constraint of the CSP. The internal constraint has a supporting operator
8165980 Dynamic constraint solver with cross problem constraints April 24, 2012
A dynamic constraint solver solves a constraint satisfaction problem that includes a problem having zero or more ports, and zero or more sub-problems coupled to the zero or more ports. The solver stores a cross problem constraint template for cross problem constraints. The solver rec
8126834 Dynamic constraint satisfaction problem solver with hierarchical union constraints February 28, 2012
A dynamic constraint solver system for solving a constraint satisfaction problem model includes a plurality of ports. The system defines a hierarchical union that includes all problems in a lower port that is in a problem under another port in the model. The system generates a constr

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