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Chatterjee; Shyam Sunder
Karlsruhe, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7611734 Use of extracts from Pelargonium species November 3, 2009
The use of extracts from Pelargonium species or plant parts thereof, particularly from P. sidoides and P. reniforme for the prophylaxis or treatment of disease-related behavioral changes, the chronic or post-viral asthenia syndrome and/or stress-induced chronic pathological condition
6444662 Stable hyperforin salts, method for producing same and their use in the treatment of alzheimer's September 3, 2002
Described are salts of hyperforin and adhyperforin of formula Iwherein m is an integer from 1 to 3, p is equal to m and gives the total number of positive charges of the residue [B], [A.sup.- ] is an anion of formula II with n=0 or 1 ##STR1## and [B].sup.p+ is an ion of an alkali metal
6322824 Use of hyperforin and hyperforin-containing extracts in the treatment of dementia diseases November 27, 2001
The invention relates to the use of hyperforin and hyperforin-containing extracts of Hypericum perforatum L. (St. John's wort) in the treatment and prophylaxis of dementia diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, as well as the use of hyperforin and hyperforin-containing extracts for the
6288109 Pyranones, method for the production and use thereof September 11, 2001
The invention relates to a novel 2H-1-pyran-2-ones of general formula (I), ##STR1##wherein R.sup.1 represents an alkyl radical with 2-5 C atoms, a cycloakyl radical with 4-6 C atoms, a cycloalkyl radical with 4-8 C atoms or an alkoxy alkyl radical with a total of 3-5 C atoms and R.sup.2
5925355 Preparations of Crataegus species, pharmaceutical compositions and their use for preventing sudd July 20, 1999
The preparation of a total extract of leaves and flowers of appropriate Crataegus species is described as well as three new fractions of said total extract and their use as pharmaceutical compositions for preventing sudden death due the cardiac arrest and reperfusion-caused cardiovascula

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