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Chang; Ifay F.
Chappaqua, NY
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4792728 Cathodoluminescent garnet lamp December 20, 1988
A cathodoluminescent lamp in the form of a vacuum diode or triode uses a self-supporting YAG crystal as the light emitter. The crystal shape can be selected (spherical, slab, bar) for desired effect and light trapping is turned to advantage by selectively coating the crystal surface to p
4767192 Light activated light valve with a silicon control element August 30, 1988
In contrast to existing light addressed light valves for projection displays which use a homogeneous CdS or Se photoconductive layer as the control element for a liquid crystal cell, a silicon photo-diode array is disclosed which makes an effective control element capable of applying a
4642459 Light pen input system having two-threshold light sensing February 10, 1987
A fiber optic light pen has been adapted for high resolution use with an interactive display of a computer system. The body of the light pen, which is adapted to be hand held, includes a slightly movable tip for engaging a display screen. When so engaged, a screen sensor within the body
4500955 Full word coding for information processing February 19, 1985
Words input to an information processing system character-by-character are given unique unitary representations independent of alphanumeric content and order. A user selects a particular vocabulary set containing the unique unitary representations of each word in the vocabulary set. When
4491762 Flat storage CRT and projection display January 1, 1985
A flat storage cathode ray tube with enhanced brightness is described. A mesh collector and a dielectric storage site array form an integral part of a silicon wafer. The silicon wafer includes thereon an addressable array of field effect transistors having a field effect transistor a
4440831 Zinc silicate phosphor particles and method for making them April 3, 1984
Improved zinc silicate phosphor particles are made by using silicic acid particles in the range from 0.7 to 10 micrometers coated with Mn.sub.2 O.sub.3 .multidot.xH.sub.2 O and then a layer of ZnO particles about an order of magnitude smaller which are fired to form the phosphors. The
4231892 Manganese doped zinc silicate luminescent phosphors with III-V oxide substitutions November 4, 1980
A series of solid solutions in the systems Zn.sub.2 SiO.sub.4 -Zn.sub.2 M.sup.+3.sub..5 M.sup.+5.sub..5 O.sub.4, is synthesized by practice of this disclosure. Solid reaction technique is used where M.sup.+3 and M.sup.+5 signify ions from Groups III and V of the periodic table.Large incr

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