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Cervisi; Richard T.
Irvine, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6068211 Method of earth orbit space transportation and return May 30, 2000
The present invention is a method of earth orbit space transportation and return utilizing a reusable flyback satellite. A reusable flyback satellite is positioned to a desired release point which provides the capability of the satellite to achieve a desired orbit. The satellite is d
5513571 Airbreathing propulsion assisted gun-launched projectiles May 7, 1996
An air-breathing, propulsion-assisted projectile designed to be rocket or gun launched and capable of accelerating to hypersonic velocities includes a body having an encompassing cowl, an air compression section, an engine assembly located adjacent the air compression section, and a nozz
5402965 Reusable flyback satellite April 4, 1995
A reusable flyback satellite system comprises a refly apparatus and accelerating and positioning apparatus. The refly apparatus provides acceleration and injection into orbit, on-orbit functions services for supporting a payload, de-orbiting, re-entering and landing on a runway. The

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