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Cawley; William E.
Richland, WA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
H149 On-line temperature sensor November 4, 1986
An on-line outlet temperature monitoring device to back up readings provided by stationary temperature detectors on individual process tubes in a nuclear reactor. The monitoring device includes a highly accurate temperature sensor that can be selectively coupled to the outlet end of
4812237 Water recycle system March 14, 1989
A closed water purification and recycle system processes domestic wastewater to produce potable water for cooking, drinking and dishwashing and water suitable for general household use, such as washing clothes and personal hygiene. The system consists of septic tanks, a biological sand
4532102 Producing tritium in a homogenous reactor July 30, 1985
A method and apparatus are described for the joint production and separation of tritium. Tritium is produced in an aqueous homogenous reactor and heat from the nuclear reaction is used to distill tritium from the lower isotopes of hydrogen.
4526741 Fuel assembly for the production of tritium in light water reactors July 2, 1985
A nuclear fuel assembly is described for producing tritium in a light water moderated reactor. The assembly consists of two intermeshing arrays of subassemblies. The first subassemblies comprise concentric annular elements of an outer containment tube, an annular target element, an a
4511114 Centrally activated pipe snubbing system April 16, 1985
An electromechanical pipe snubbing system and an electromechanical pipe snubber. In the system, each pipe snubber, in a set of pipe snubbers, has an electromechanical mechanism to lock and unlock the snubber. A sensor, such as a seismometer, measures a quantity related to making a snubbe
4475948 Lithium aluminate/zirconium material useful in the production of tritium October 9, 1984
A composition is described useful in the production of tritium in a nuclear eactor. Lithium aluminate particles are dispersed in a matrix of zirconium. Tritium produced by the reactor of neutrons with the lithium are absorbed by the zirconium, thereby decreasing gas pressure within capsul
4307679 Submergible barge retrievable storage and permanent disposal system for radioactive waste December 29, 1981
A submergible barge and process for submerging and storing radioactive waste material along a seabed. A submergible barge receives individual packages of radwaste within segregated cells. The cells are formed integrally within the barge, preferably surrounded by reinforced concrete.
4006930 Manipulator for hollow objects February 8, 1977
A device for gripping the interior of a tubular object to pull it out of a body in which it has become stuck includes an expandable rubber tube having a plurality of metal cables lodged in the exterior of the rubber tube so as to protrude slightly therefrom, means for inflating the tube

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