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Carman; Lee A.
Worcester, MA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6123743 Glass-ceramic bonded abrasive tools September 26, 2000
The present invention provides an abrasive tool that comprises sol-gel alumina abrasive grains bonded together by a glass-ceramic bond material, the tool comprising from about 35 to 65% by volume void spaces, wherein at least about 75% of the volume of the bond material is located in the
6074278 High speed grinding wheel June 13, 2000
A method of obtaining superabrasive grinding performance from tools employing less expensive, non-superabrasive conventional abrasive grain involves operating the conventional abrasive tool at ultra high tangential contact speed, (that is at least about 125 m/s). Such ultra high operatin
5738697 High permeability grinding wheels April 14, 1998
An abrasive article having certain minimum levels of permeability to fluids comprises about 40 to 80%, by volume interconnected porosity and effective amounts of abrasive grain and bond to carry out soft grinding and deep cut grinding operations. The high permeability to the passage of f
5318605 Glass-ceramic bonded abrasive articles June 7, 1994
Abrasive tools are described which comprise abrasive grits held in a glass-ceramic bond in which at least 75% of the bond material is in bond posts or in coatings on individual grains.
5221294 Process of producing self-bonded ceramic abrasive wheels June 22, 1993
A grinding tool is described which comprises self-bonded particles of a ceramic abrasive and has a voids volume of from 5 to 65%.
5203882 Bonding adjuvants for vitreous bond formulations and process for bonding with April 20, 1993
The use of small amount of silica sol in conjunction with an organic binding agent significantly increases the strength of the bond in a vitreous bonded alumina containing abrasive wheel.
5160509 Self-bonded ceramic abrasive wheels November 3, 1992
A grinding tool is described which comprises self-bonded particles of a ceramic abrasive and has a voids volume of from 5 to 65%.

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