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Caputo; William R.
Wyckoff, NJ
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4776434 Method and apparatus for smoothly stopping an elevator car at a target floor October 11, 1988
A method and apparatus for smoothly stopping an elevator car at a target floor in an elevator system which utilizes a speed pattern to control car speed via a speed feedback control loop. When the elevator car reaches a predetermined slowdown point relative to a target floor, the speed p
4754850 Method for providing a load compensation signal for a traction elevator system July 5, 1988
A method for providing a load compensation signal for the drive motor control loop of a traction elevator system which includes an elevator car, a counterweight, and a drive which includes a drive motor, brake, and traction drive sheave. The brake is mounted to provide an indication of
4738337 Method and apparatus for providing a load compensation signal for a traction elevator system April 19, 1988
A method and apparatus for providing a load compensation signal for the drive motor control loop of a traction elevator system which includes an elevator car having a load responsive platform and a counterweight. The load compensation signal transfers unbalanced torque from the system br
4717865 Transportation apparatus January 5, 1988
Transportation apparatus, such as escalators and moving walks, having an electrically released, magnetically set brake, and a servo loop for regulating the brake coil current. Brake voltage and brake current feedback are both used in the regulation of the brake current, with the valu
4656572 PWM inverter April 7, 1987
A PWM inverter in which the maximum three-phase RMS pole-to-pole output voltage is increased, to more efficiently utilize a fixed DC power supply, by generating substantially sinusoidal changing pole voltages having no values within predetermined zones adjacent to each power supply limit
4600865 Transportation apparatus July 15, 1986
Transportation apparatus, such as escalators and moving walks, having controlled stopping characteristics. Deceleration is directly regulated via a deceleration servo loop which provides a current reference signal for an inner current loop. Brake current limiting prior to the controlled
4515247 Elevator system May 7, 1985
An elevator system which generates a landing speed pattern having the advantages of both digital and analog based patterns, without the disadvantages of either, by generating a landing speed pattern which is a digital, i.e., absolute position, and analog composite. The absolute posit
4507607 Angular accelerometer March 26, 1985
An angular accelerometer which generates a directly usable signal in stationary coils proportional to the instantaneous acceleration rate of a rotating element. Errors due to wobble, eccentricity and non-homogeneity of the rotating element are reduced by a symmetrical generation of flux
4440024 Tachogenerator April 3, 1984
A friction driven tachogenerator having a friction drive wheel in contact with a movable member. The tachogenerator is compliantly and frictionlessly mounted, and at least one pressure roller is disposed in tangential, rolling contact with the friction drive wheel. The pressure rolle
4434874 Elevator system March 6, 1984
A feedback controlled elevator system including a speed pattern generator for providing a speed pattern signal responsive to desired speed. A limiting signal responsive to the absolute position of the elevator car is compared with the speed pattern signal, and the lesser of these two
4433756 Elevator system February 28, 1984
An elevator system which develops information relative to car location in the associated building from an extensible coded tape in the hoistway. The tape is tensioned and then fixed at predetermined locations such that predetermined positional relationships between the tape and the hoist
4432439 Elevator system February 21, 1984
An elevator system having an elevator car and a drive system for operating the elevator car. The drive system is forced to adaptively appear to have a desired transfer function in response to a speed pattern signal. In one embodiment, the speed pattern signal is developed by applying the
4373612 Elevator system February 15, 1983
An elevator system including an elevator car, and control apparatus for controlling its speed, including a floor selector and a speed pattern generator. The speed pattern generator provides a running speed pattern, and a slowdown speed pattern. A smooth transfer from the running speed
4308936 Elevator system January 5, 1982
An elevator system including a comparator which develops a control signal responsive to the actual versus the designed performance of the elevator car as it approaches a floor at which it is to stop. This control signal is used in a monitoring and protective arrangement which controls
4307793 Elevator system December 29, 1981
An elevator system of the traction type having a direct current drive motor and a solid-state, dual-bridge converter power supply. Protective and monitoring apparatus reduce the probability of fuse blowing due to improper gating of a controlled rectifier device, and/or a power supply
4286222 Timing waveform generator August 25, 1981
A timing waveform generator which provides substantially noise immune timing waveforms in response to a polyphase source voltage suitable for thyristors. Each timing waveform is phase shifted from a reference sine wave using a combination of filtering and hysteresis, to achieve the total
4161235 Elevator system July 17, 1979
An elevator system in which the movement of the elevator car is responsive to a comparator which provides an error signal responsive to the difference between the magnitude of a speed pattern signal provided by a speed pattern generator, and a signal responsive to actual car speed. An
4155427 Elevator system May 22, 1979
An elevator system including an elevator car, a drive motor for the elevator car, a power supply for the drive motor which includes a three-phase source of alternating potential, and a monitor for the three-phase source. The monitor discriminates between a malfunction of the three-ph
4128141 Elevator system December 5, 1978
An elevator system including an elevator car mounted for guided movement in a vertical travel path. A signal related to car velocity is modified by a signal related to car acceleration. The modified velocity signal is utilized in a speed monitoring system which monitors car speed as a
4085823 Elevator system April 25, 1978
An elevator system including an elevator car and counterweight mounted for movement in a structure by a traction drive arrangement which includes a drive sheave and a drive motor. A first tachometer provides signals responsive to the drive motor and a second tachometer provides signals
4030570 Elevator system June 21, 1977
An elevator system of the traction type having a direct current drive motor for moving the elevator car in a guided vertical path. An adjustable voltage source for the direct current motor is controlled by a control signal modified by a jitter suppression signal. The jitter suppression
4019606 Elevator system April 26, 1977
An elevator system including an elevator car mounted in a structure to serve the landings therein, and an opto-electronic position detector for determining when the elevator car is within a predetermined distance from a selected landing. The position detector includes a source of ele

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