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Brinkmann; Jurgen
Hagen, DT
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4039730 Storage battery electrode tubes and method of filling August 2, 1977
Tubular battery electrodes are filled with a mix of lead oxide, sulfuric acid and water to which electrolyte-resistant fibers have been added. These fibers strengthen the mass and reduce its tendency to escape through the pores of the tube envelope fabric.Also the product resulting from
4007315 Battery cell cooling system February 8, 1977
Multi-cell battery cooling is accomplished by cooling elements immersed in the cell-top electrolyte. The elements have high heat conductivity and electric resistance. The cooling medium has low electric resistance. Various configurations of circulatory flow paths provide various util
3965321 Drying of storage battery plates June 22, 1976
Pasted storage battery plates are dried by subjecting them to an alternating magnetic field which induces heating of the plate grids, thereby drying the paste from the inside.
3959015 Plate grid for lead storage batteries May 25, 1976
The vertical rods of the battery plate grid are formed partly of whole rods and partly of half rods. The steps at which transitions from whole to half rods take place are positioned to optimize current flow patterns.
3944432 Storage battery plate and manufacturing process therefor March 16, 1976
A storage battery plate has lead bars positioned within channels defined by a grid of plastic strips. These channels also contain the active mass. The channels are closed off by electrolyte permeable cover layers.

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