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Brignoli; Marco
Brugherio, IT
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6632777 Drilling fluids comprising oil emulsions in water October 14, 2003
Composition of water-based drilling fluids characterized in that they comprise an oil in water emulsion.
6500785 Water-based drilling fluid containing anions with a high hydrodynamic radius December 31, 2002
Composition of water-based drilling fluids characterized in that they comprise anions with a high hydrodynamic radius.
6164389 Core sampling method and core sampler therefor December 26, 2000
A core sampling method, particularly for the oil industry, wherein actual core sampling is performed by means of a core sampler (1) comprising at least one Inner barrel (5), an outer barrel (2) and a bit (3), and a substantially axial compressive force (F) is exerted on the top (7A) of a
5844136 Device for measuring the permeability of rock fragments December 1, 1998
The present invention relates to a device used for the direct measurement of the permeability of rock fragments coming directly from the drilling of an oil well and commonly called cuttings, consisting of a hollow cylindrical body (c) that presents an inlet hole for the fluid (i), a

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