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Brauer; Larry F.
Ridgecrest, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4526104 Safety-arming device July 2, 1985
A safe-arm device for use in a fuel-air explosive munition carried by an craft. The device has a housing having an environmental seal which is separated from the housing upon munition release to form a seal opening, a pressure probe for obtaining static and dynamic air pressure and exte
4489656 Penetrating ordnance safe and arming mechanism December 25, 1984
A test operable electro-mechanical safe and arming mechanism for hardened rget penetrating, and other, ordnance, not relying on stored energy, incorporating two mechanical interlocks and providing an electro-mechanical elapsed time reference and mechanical logic to check external con
4478147 Tri-rotor safe and arm device October 23, 1984
A safety arming device driven by a reversible motor including a detonator sitioned in a casing for initiating explosive logic through the reception of signals from an electric circuit. A driver wheel is rotated by the reversible motor which matingly engages a driven wheel. The driven whe
4478127 Bomb saddle interface module October 23, 1984
The invention relates to an electrical mechanical interfacing device for e and arm fuze systems of different stores such that a variable electrical and mechanical connecting capability is provided for different aircraft requirements.
4188886 Pressure probe for safety-arming device February 19, 1980
An air pressure sensing probe for providing static-dynamic differential air ressure to operate a guided missile warhead safety-arming device is disclosed. The probe assembly is hermetically sealed to keep the device free of dirt and moisture during storage. An electrically initiated squib

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