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Brankovic; Veselin
Fellbach, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6803814 Demodulator and method for the demodulation of modulated RF signals October 12, 2004
A demodulator for modulated RF signals comprises a passive four port structure (1). The four port structure (1) has a first input (3) for supplying a modulated RF signal to be demodulated. A second input (2) is supplied with a RF signal from a local oscillator (21). Two output termin
6714602 Demodulator and receiver March 30, 2004
A high performance demodulator, capable of realizing further broadband characteristics, low distortion, a low power consumption, and small fluctuation in characteristics against fluctuations in temperature and fluctuations over time compared with a conventional multi-port demodulator
6710716 Power detecting circuit and demodulator comprising the same March 23, 2004
A high performance power detector not only suited for monolithic structures, small in size, low in cost, and suitabed for broadband high frequency operations, but also excellent in the linearity of the detection characteristic, having a small fluctuation of detection characteristic r
6650178 N-port direct receiver November 18, 2003
The present invention relates to n-port junction devices for processing modulated digital RF signals, n being an integer larger than 3, the n-port junction device comprising two RF input ports (4, 5), two passive signal-combining means (2, 3) connected to each other wherein respectively
6609010 Dual frequency band transceiver August 19, 2003
A dual frequency band transceiver (10) is provided adapted to be operated into different transmission frequency bands. A control unit (8) controls a switching (6) between a first transmission frequency band F.sub.C1 and a second transmission frequency band F.sub.C2, wherein the control u
6539215 Down converter and demodulator using a three port junction March 25, 2003
A down converter for RF signals comprises one three port junction (7) having one input port six for modulated digital RF signals and two output ports (8, 9). The output ports (8, 9) are respectively connected to a power sensor (10, 11). The three port junction (7) comprises a power s
6507733 Three port junction receiver January 14, 2003
The present invention proposes a direct receiver technique based on one power measurement and time multiplexing of input signals. The proposed technique allows I/Q demodulation. The proposed technique bases on the passive linear three-port high frequency circuitry (1) having two RF s
6377616 Calibration of n-port receivers April 23, 2002
According to the present invention a method for calibrating a six-port receiver as well as a receiving apparatus are provided. The receiving apparatus according to the present invention comprises a six-port receiver with a passive circuit (7) with two inputs, at least one input being
6363125 Non-coherent six-port receiver March 26, 2002
According to the present invention a method and a receiver for high-frequency signals is provided. The receiver comprises a power divider (4) to divide a modulated RF input signal in at least two branches. At least one delay line (5, 6) provides for a delay of the branches relatively
6339406 Circular polarized planar printed antenna concept with shaped radiation pattern January 15, 2002
The present invention relates to a circular polarized antenna with a dielectric substrate (11) comprising a front and a back dielectric face (12, 13), a first and a second subantenna (14, 15), each comprising a first and a second element for radiating and receiving circular polarized
6198460 Antenna support structure March 6, 2001
According to the present invention an antenna support structure for at least three directional antenna sub-systems provided, wherein the antenna sub-systems can be preferably planar antenna arrays. The antenna support structure (1) comprises at least four panels (3, 4) adapted to support
6037911 Wide bank printed phase array antenna for microwave and mm-wave applications March 14, 2000
The present invention relates to a phase array antenna comprising a dielectric substrate (1) comprising a front and a back dielectric face (2, 3), a plurality of dipole means (4), each comprising a first and a second element (5, 6) for radiating and receiving electromagnetic signals, sai

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