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Bois; Philippe
Cesson, FR
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7741594 Electromagnetic wave detector with an optical coupling surface comprising lamellar patterns June 22, 2010
The invention relates to a detector comprising a multiple quantum well structure operating on interband or intersubband transitions by absorption of radiation having a wavelength .lamda. having a polarization comprising a component perpendicular to the plane of the multiple quantum w
7687760 Amorphous optical coupling structure for an electromagnetic wave detector and associated detecto March 30, 2010
The invention relates to an optical coupling structure intended to couple electromagnetic radiation to the surface of a photodetector, wherein a coupling surface paved along mutually perpendicular first and second directions by a set of N series (M1i, M2i, . . . . Mni) of first featu
7622703 Photodetector having a near field concentration November 24, 2009
The field of the invention is that of photodetectors (10), and more precisely so-called quantum well photodetectors operating in the medium infrared, known by the acronym QWIP standing for Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector.It is an object of the invention to increase the detectivit
6809350 Quantum well detector with layer for the storage of photo-excited electrons October 26, 2004
A quantum well made out of a the stack of layers of III-V semiconductor materials comprises, in addition to the quantum well, an electron storage layer separated from the quantum well by a transfer barrier layer. The barrier layer has a thickness that is greater than the thickness of the
6797938 Polarimetric optical device with an insulating layer between detectors September 28, 2004
This optical polarimetric detector comprises: a first active detector element having a photoconductor (1) with which a first diffraction grating (3) is associated allowing incident light from a first specific polarization direction to be coupled in the first detector element and allow
6627868 Bi-functional optical detector including four optical detectors used to detect combination of tw September 30, 2003
A bi-functional optical detector including a first active photoconduction detection element configured to detect light within first and second wavelength ranges, a first diffraction grating associated with the first detection element and configured to couple the light within the first
6534758 Electromagnetic wave detector using quantum wells and subtractive detectors March 18, 2003
The basic idea is as follows: operational simulations of subtractive focal planes, based on the French patent No. 2 756 666, have shown that the optimal subtraction rate should not be total in order to preserve the dynamic range of the system. In this case, the low-frequency fluctuations
6157020 Bispectral electromagnetic wave detector December 5, 2000
The disclosure relates to a bispectral electromagnetic wave detector including at least one first and one second overlaid plane active detector elements separated by a common layer, said first and second detector elements being sensitive to the different wavelengths; a first means of
6091126 Electromagnetic wave detector July 18, 2000
An electromagnetic wave detector having a first detector element including an active photoconducting material capable of detecting a band of wavelength and a second detector element including an active photoconducting material capable of detecting the same band of wavelength. A commo
5869844 Device for the detection of optical radiations February 9, 1999
Device for the detection and processing of optical radiations, comprising at least one quantum well having asymmetric composition, said well consisting of a stack of layers of materials having differing gaps.
5726500 Semiconductor hybrid component March 10, 1998
Semiconductor hybrid components, especially linear infrared detectors produced by hybridization. A main substrate has integrated thereon active elements which cannot be produced on a silicon substrate. The substrate is made, for example, of AsGa, InP, HgCdTe or PbTe. Several silicon chip
5719670 Integrated direction finder February 17, 1998
Disclosed is an integrated direction finder that can be used to determine the direction of a light beam and, in particular, a laser beam. This direction finder has a substrate transparent to the light beam and means on the rear face to channel a part of the light flux received on this fa
5712499 Large photodetector array January 27, 1998
A photodetector arrangement capable of detecting high-power-light flux and including a set of elementary photodetectors each one of which is individually tested to determine that it has no defects. Each of the photodetectors which is found to be free of objectionable defects is conne
5677544 Quantum well detector and process for the manufacture thereof October 14, 1997
Quantum well detector, in which the active detection zone (2) occupies only a limited area of the device and in which a diffraction grid (5) having a larger surface area than this zone thereby makes it possible to couple to it a greater light flow than that corresponding to the surface a
5506418 Electromagnetic wave detector with quantum well structure April 9, 1996
An electromagnetic wave detector formed of semiconductor materials includes at least one quantum well in which there is provided a fine layer of a material with a gap width that is smaller than that of the quantum well layer. For example, in the case of a GaAlAs/GaAs/GaAlAs, there is
5326984 Electromagnetic wave detector July 5, 1994
An electromagnetic wave detector comprises a stack of quantum wells included between an ohmic contact and a rectifier junction which may be a barrier (Al.sub.y Ga.sub.1-y As) with a forbidden band width that is greater than that of the barriers of the quantum wells.
5228777 Quantum-well electronic bolometer and application to a radiation detector July 20, 1993
An electronic bolometer comprises at least a quantum well between two barrier layers. It has an input side parallel to the quantum-well layer and receiving a beam at a quasi-normal incidence angle. Two electrodes disposed perpendicularly to the quantum-well layers allow to measure a
5187715 Quantum well optical device February 16, 1993
A quantum well optical device including a layer of semiconducting material of large forbidden band width and, situated in this layer, at least one quantum well, such as a quantum line or quantum hole, of a material having a narrower forbidden band than that of the layer. This quantum wel

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