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Bohm; Horst
Frankfurt, DE
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7255392 Guide rail system for a moveable sunroof system including a sunshade and method of producing a g August 14, 2007
A guiding system for a moveable sunroof system includes at least one first guide rail for a first vehicular component and at least one second guide rail for a second vehicular component. The first and second guide rails are connected with each other and are tailored to their unique load
7229127 Shifting mechanism for a sliding-tilting roof June 12, 2007
A sliding mechanism for a vehicle roof includes least one guide rail, a carriage that can be shifted in the guide rail, and a cover support provided to bear a cover of a sliding-tilting roof. The carriage guides the movements of the cover support and includes a lifting slot, a guiding
7059651 Sunshade system for a motor vehicle June 13, 2006
A sunshade system for a motor vehicle has two guide rails, a front crossbar and a rear crossbar that extend between the two guide rails and are guided therein, and a flexible sunshade that is fastened to the front and rear crossbars and is guided between the two guide rails.
7051781 Sunshade assembly for a vehicle roof May 30, 2006
A sunshade assembly for a vehicle roof has a window shade that is movable along guide rails toward the front and rear of the vehicle. Drive elements are connected to a front edge of the window shade, and rotatable tension wheels are mounted to the guide rail and coupled with the drive
6942286 Retractable roof for vehicles September 13, 2005
A retractable roof for vehicles having at least one cover panel, selectively closing a roof opening. The cover panel can be displaced above the roof skin along guides which have extensions that extend beyond the rear edge of the roof opening. These extensions extend essentially below
6916064 Sliding roof system for a motor vehicle July 12, 2005
The present invention relates to a cover for a sliding roof system having at least two guide elements, which are movably arranged on two opposite sides of the cover such that the distance between them is variable. The two guide elements are each attached in a sliding guide, which predefi
6908136 Inner shell for vehicle bodies June 21, 2005
An inner shell (10) for vehicle bodies molded from a foam plastic includes at least one flap (14) which can move optionally between a non-usage position to a usage position. Preferably the flap (14) serves as a sun visor, allows access to a function element or a cavity (16), or both.
6860548 Vehicle roof module March 1, 2005
A vehicle roof module is interlocked releasably yet securely directly with the body frame (3), which encompasses an upper body opening, or indirectly with a frame covering (13) which is fastened to the frame. The interlocking elements (8) are only accessible from the vehicle interior in
6834914 Wind deflector for a vehicle roof December 28, 2004
A wind deflector for a vehicle roof comprises a flexible deflecting element attached between a base element and a raising device. The base element is mountable on a vehicle roof, and the raising device is pivotably connected to the base element to raise and lower the deflecting element.
A subassembly element in the form of an intermediate product for a multipart cover element for motor vehicles contains at least two subassembly parts, e.g., for a multipart sunroof or sliding roof cover or for a multipart loading zone or cargo space cover, containing edge regions on
6513864 Modular vehicle roof February 4, 2003
A vehicle roof module is proposed, consisting of a transparent roof skin, constituting the outer shell of a sandwich structure, and of an inner shell of the sandwich structure, the special feature thereof being that the inner shell is molded in the manner of a frame and is provided only
6499797 Composite component for vehicle bodywork December 31, 2002
A sandwich structure includes a deep-drawn outer skin and a plastic layer foamed onto the inner side of the outer skin. The plastic layer provides a decorative plastic film on its upper surface and a frame at its outer edge. An encircling canting about the plastic layer retains a sheathi
6491341 Composite assembly unit for vehicle bodies as well as a method and an apparatus for producing it December 10, 2002
A composite assembly unit for closing an aperture in a vehicle body, in particular a glass cover for a sliding roof, comprises a flat base body, preferably a glass or plastic pane, having an outside face and an inside face, and a seal for sealing a gap between the composite assembly unit
6419134 Device for detachable fastening of a load carrier on a vehicle July 16, 2002
A device for a detachable fastening of a load carrier (10) on a vehicle, in particular a roof rack, is disclosed, which has a carrier frame (18), on which two retaining elements (20, 22) are fitted, which are relatively mobile to one another when the load carrier (10) is in unfastened
6409260 Adjustment device for a multi-spoiler roof for vehicles June 25, 2002
The invention relates to an adjusting device for a sunroof (11) of a vehicle. Said sunroof (11) is provided with at least two lamellae (12A, 12B, 12C). The roof opening (14) which is to be closed is defined by a base component (13) that is fixedly mounted to the vehicle and that has
6409258 Vehicle roof module with integral sunroof unit June 25, 2002
A vehicle roof module (2) with integral sunroof unit for mounting on a bodywork frame (16) is proposed, in which the sunroof frame (5) is attached to the inner shell (11) at a plurality of spaced points distributed around the roof opening (3) of the sunroof unit by means of elements
6390541 Sun visor arrangement at a motor vehicle roof module May 21, 2002
A sun visor arrangement is proposed whose bearing elements, consisting of a swivel/rotary bearing and a removable swivel bearing, are foamed into or onto an inner shell, formed from a foamed plastics material, of a motor vehicle roof module with their component parts on the roof side at
6367872 Vehicle roof and method for mounting said vehicle roof on a vehicle body April 9, 2002
A vehicle roof includes a preformed inner shell forming the roof lining. The lining is larger than the inside dimensions of the body opening bounded by the rails or sections of the closed body frame. The roof lining is flexible or elastic on the protruding areas, so that it is bendable f
6367871 Roof module for motor vehicles April 9, 2002
A roof module for a motor vehicle, with an inner shell molded out of plastic foam which, in the vicinity of its support on the body framework, is divided into an upper layer which can be supported on the body framework and a lower layer that serves to line the body framework. Sun vis
6318797 Motor vehicle roof module November 20, 2001
For a motor vehicle roof module, preferably of sandwich construction comprising a rigid roof skin and an inner shell of PUR plastic applied as a foam to its inner surface, it is proposed to form recesses in the single layer area of the inner shell when applying the foam, in which functio
6179373 Sunshade for a vehicle January 30, 2001
In a sun blind for a vehicle roof a sun blind is situated below a panel which is displaceably associated with a roof opening, this blind, when not in use, automatically being wound up on a spool (9) which is mounted roof-side. The blind sheet (8) of the sun blind is guided in a sliding
5409290 Rigid lid for the roof opening of a vehicle April 25, 1995
In a glass lid (1) for a vehicle roof opening, the glass pane (2) is provided in its edge zone all around with a cast-on or foamed-on plastics border (3). At least at the longer sides of the glass pane (2), curved correspondingly to the roof curvature, stiffening profiles (4, 5) of s
5203605 Folding roof for an automobile April 20, 1993
In a folding roof for an automobile, a front hood bar is moved by entraining elements driven by cables, which entraining elements can travel in curved transitions of lateral guide rails and simultaneously in curved control slits of control plates, slidable transversely on the front hood
5050928 Rigid cover for the roof of a vehicle September 24, 1991
A rigid cover assembly for a vehicle roof opening which includes a cover plate, a reinforcement frame supporting a lower peripheral edge of the cover plate, and a plastic frame surrounding the cover plate and enclosing the reinforcement frame. A sealing strip is provided on the outer
5028089 Rigid lid for a sliding roof or sliding-lifting roof of an automobile July 2, 1991
A rigid lid for a sliding roof or a sliding-lifting roof, the lid having a lid shell, provided with a peripheral cranked edge, is painted separately from the other parts of the roof construction constituting a pre-assembled unit and is not installed until the pre-assembled uni
5020849 Sliding-lifting roof for automobiles June 4, 1991
A sliding-lifting roof for an automobile of a very low overall height has, in addition to guide links fixed to the side edges of a lid, control links, which are disposed on each side of the lid and each rigidly connect the front sliding element with a guide element, disposed behind the r
4971387 Air guide device for an automobile roof November 20, 1990
An air guide device, which is suitable both for sliding roofs and for sliding-lifting roofs, comprises a wind deflector plate, pivotally journalled by hinge assemblies beneath a front, fixed automobile roof, the pivotal movements of which deflector plate are controlled by control mem
4895410 Sliding and lifting roofs January 23, 1990
In a sliding-lifting roof for an automobile, of which a sliding lid can be actuated, by the engagement of guide pins, mounted on rear, driven sliding shoes, in guide blocks fixed to the sliding lid, the sliding lid is covered below by a liner, connected with it for common displacement, w
4738482 Rigid lid for an automobile roof April 19, 1988
In a rigid lid, associated with the roof opening of an automobile roof surface, in order to achieve low manufacturing tolerances at the lid external dimensions and to simplify manufacture of the lid, the lid plate and the reinforcing frame fitted below it have injection moulded around
4601091 Method of and apparatus for the height adjustment and installation of a sliding and/or raisable July 22, 1986
In a method and apparatus for the height adjustment and installation of a slidable and/or raising, rigid roof member, to be built into a roof opening of an automobile roof, which roof member, after its height adjustment, is screwed to elements of the roof construction which do not pa
4483100 Pane guide for a sliding window capable of being lowered into the window shaft of an automobile November 20, 1984
In a pane guide for a sliding window capable of being lowered into the window shaft (8) of an automobile, the windowpane (1) is laterally guided on windowframe components (4,5), in which back-cut guide channels (18,18') are provided, in which slide elements (23,23') are displaceably guid

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