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Bocker; Jurgen
Oberhausen, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6536351 Warhead March 25, 2003
A warhead (1) having a warhead casing (2) that encloses an explosive charge (5). To ensure that, during the detonation of the explosive charge (5), the warhead (1) effects a rapid acceleration of the fragments flying in the flight direction, and a lesser acceleration of the fragments fly
6085629 Weapon system July 11, 2000
A weapon system includes a weapon having a chamber; a data input device; an aiming mechanism; and an ammunition unit that can be fired with the weapon. The ammunition unit includes a data memory for storing ammunition-specific data; and a microcontroller arranged on or in the ammunit
6067890 Weapon system May 30, 2000
A weapon system (1) having a weapon (2) with a weapon tube (3) and having an electronic system (4) for generating aiming signals for an aiming system (7) connected to the weapon (2). To ensure that the current weapon properties or tube properties are also considered in a simple manner fo
6038955 Method for aiming the weapon of a weapon system and weapon system for implementing the method March 21, 2000
A method for aiming the weapon (4) of a weapon system (1) with an aiming system (5) and a heat imaging device (6) while considering external influences acting on the projectiles to be fired into a target region (3). In order to accomplish that influences acting on the projectiles (2)
5333551 Drive member for a large-caliber multi-purpose cartridge and use of such a drive member for the August 2, 1994
A drive member for the projectile head of a large caliber, multi-purpose cartridge or a multi-purpose training cartridge, wherein a threaded connection is provided for the form-locking connection between the drive member and the projectile head. In order to give such multi-purpose ca
5289777 Subcaliber kinetic energy projectile March 1, 1994
A subcaliber kinetic energy projectile (1) including a penetrator (2) and a segmented sabot (3) which is provided with a front support (4) and with a second support (5) that is disposed at an axial distance behind the first support, with the second support (5) including a rotationally sy
5206451 Armor-protection for a wall, for example a bombshelter or an armored vehicle April 27, 1993
A wall of, for example, a bombshelter or armored vehicle, is provided with an inner and outer armor spaced from each other. This armor protection is designed to provide a deflection, respectively destruction of an impacting projectile as soon as the projectile nose has penetrated the out
5153373 Warhead October 6, 1992
A warhead including a shell which encloses the explosive charge and a projectile forming liner with the liner being disposed so that its circumferential surface lies against an intermediate ring which, in turn, is fastened to the shell. To avoid undefinable spalling effects in the re
5133262 Penetrator July 28, 1992
A subcaliber projectile including a penetrator preferably made of tungsten eavy metal, and having a penetrator tip section and a section following thereafter and extending over the major portion of the penetrator length which is provided with an external thread (helical groove) or cir
5090324 Warhead February 25, 1992
A warhead (10') which includes a shaped or projectile forming charge in the form of a liner (14) of a multi-phase metallic material or a metal-metal laminate. To prevent the liner (14) from being destroyed by the incoming shock wave and make impossible the formation of a projectile, that
4979443 Liner for a warhead with protruding central portion December 25, 1990
An improved liner for a warhead having a shaped explosive charge for the production of a projectile by explosive reshaping of the liner includes a liner body having a central region which has a radius of curvature which is smaller than that of a surrounding liner portion. The central reg
4951572 Warhead with device for fastening the liner of a charge to the casing August 28, 1990
A warhead for enclosing an explosive charge includes a casing for surrounding the charge. The casing has an end presenting a frontal face. A liner having a circumferential area for attachment to the end of the casing and a coefficient of thermal expansion .alpha..sub.R is fastened to
4848238 Active element for combating, in particular, active armored targets July 18, 1989
An active munition element for combatting a target provided with a jamming device, the element including: a front charge; a rear charge mounted behind the front charge and having a hollow charge element; components connected for actuating each charge, the front charge being operative for
4776278 Explosive charge having a projectile forming insert October 11, 1988
An explosive charge including a body and an insert disposed within the body and having given regions which are uniformly distributed around the center of the insert which differ from their respective immediately adjacent regions for forming, upon explosive conversion of the charge, a rod
4714024 Nose for an inertial projectile December 22, 1987
An improved nose construction for a subcaliber inertial projectile which is ired with the aid of a sabot. A hood or body is mounted on the nose portion of the projectile. The hood is made of synthetic material and includes longitudinally extending fracture zones and is of substantially
4703696 Penetrator for a subcaliber impact projectile November 3, 1987
A penetrator for a subcaliber impact or inertial projectile, especially a projectile adapted to pierce or break an armored target, which comprises a core of comparatively high density within a metallic housing or shell and in which the core is subdivided along a longitudinal axis into at
4697525 Subcaliber, armor piercing penetrator projectile October 6, 1987
An improved subcaliber fin-stabilized penetrator projectile of an equal diameter along its whole cylindrical length which is made of a high density, ductile, heavy metal. The herein described penetrator has a steel ballistic hood coaxially mounted on the front end thereof and a plurality
4624187 Penetrator projectiles November 25, 1986
A nose unit for a discarding sabot penetrator having a bolt in a bore of the pointed nose which is temporarily displaced on firing due to acceleration and against a restoring spring. This produces a circular edge and a break in the contour of the nose to define a limit surface between a
4597333 Two-part armor-piercing projectile July 1, 1986
A composite armor-piercing subcaliber projectile has a front projectile part generally centered on an axis and having a rearwardly extending cylindrical sleeve of predetermined outer diameter and also generally centered on the axis and a rear projectile part centered on the axis and
4559876 Penetrator projectiles December 24, 1985
A nose unit for a discarding sabot penetrator having a bolt in a bore of the pointed nose which is temporarily displaced on firing due to acceleration and against a restoring spring. This produces a circular edge and a break in the contour of the nose to define a limit surface between a
4524697 Projectile arrangement for a weapon having a gun barrel June 25, 1985
A projectile arrangement for a gun barrel weapon having a plurality of sub-caliber projectiles which are mounted on a common sabot which is composed of a plurality of segments. These projectiles are designed for a sequential flight one behind the other at predetermined distances and
4516502 Impact projectile assembly May 14, 1985
A subcaliber projectile assembly especially for attack against active armor has an enabling projectile disposed axially ahead of a main projectile and in line and in end-to-end relationship therewith in a common sabot. The fin structures of the two projectiles are designed to increase th

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