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Berney; Jean-Claude
Epalinges, CH
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4800334 Method of analyzing the voltage induced in an exciter coil of a stepping motor January 24, 1989
A method of analyzing the voltage induced in an exciter coil of a stepping motor. After energization the exciter coil is loaded by a low impedance so that the induction voltage can produce a current. Subsequently, it is attempted to maintain the current through said coil equal to zero by
4439717 Control device for a stepping motor March 27, 1984
A control device for a stepping motor provided with a coil and a rotor performing a rotary movement when a current passes through the coil, comprising means for producing a plurality of time base signals, means for producing pulses for controlling the motor in response to said time base
4425538 Timepiece with a device for the control of a stepping motor January 10, 1984
The timepiece includes a detector of the direction of the current in the winding of the motor which is used to detect the first reversal in current direction after the end of the driving pulse and to deliver a signal which is representative of this current direction. A comparator circuit
4345320 Integrated circuit for a time-piece August 17, 1982
An integrated circuit for a time-piece including an oscillator, a frequency divider, an electronic circuit for effecting at least one auxiliary function depending on information delivered to the inputs thereof, a circuit for controlling a display and a circuit for setting the time. The
4336608 Electronic timepiece June 22, 1982
An electronic timepiece comprising means to appreciably increase the number of distinctive information which can be introduced and, if necessary memorized, for a given number of terminals intended for that purpose, information needed for the adjustment of the frequency. The integrated
4320476 Electronic watch with a device for controlling and driving the day of the month March 16, 1982
An electronic watch comprising a device for controlling and driving the day of the month disc, wherein the wheel train supplies the energy necessary for moving the day of the month disc, but does not determine the instant of the jump, which may be initiated at any moment by an electrical
4266288 Electronic timepiece May 5, 1981
An electronic timepiece having a minute hand and an hour hand which are controlled by a control circuit of the timepiece to display and to program, in addition to their own parameters, other parameters such as date, month, second, alarm time, or other, non time-related, parameters, w
4259737 Electronic watch March 31, 1981
An electronic timepiece with analog display by seconds, minutes, and hours hands driven by a bidirectional stepping motor, in which the seconds hand can be used to display information different from the seconds count, the time displayed by the minutes and hours hands being conserved and
4259736 Electronic timepiece March 31, 1981
The electronic timepiece comprises circuits within an integrated circuit for effecting at least one auxiliary function associated with information supplied to their inputs and, programming circuits for programming and memorizing the said information. A system applied to the timepiece mak
4199932 Electronic timepiece with mixed time setting April 29, 1980
An electronic timepiece having an analog display including a time setting mechanism for correction of the hour hand independently of the other hands including an auxiliary circuit for supplying a rapid frequency train of pulses to a step motor for displacing a train of gear wheels by an
4110968 Control for a step motor for the measurement of time September 5, 1978
A step motor in a horological device is connected in a control circuit such that the motor is fed by a battery under the control of a reference oscillator, a frequency divider, a power stage and a shaper. The power stage comprises MOS power transistors exclusively of N-MOS type connected
4092604 Apparatus for adjusting the output frequency of a frequency divider May 30, 1978
Apparatus for adjusting the output frequency of a frequency divider comprising a circuit constituted of a resistance R and a capacitor C for receiving output pulses from the divider. A comparator is connected to the RC circuit and to the divider for receiving normal pulses from the divid

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