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Beringer; Monique
Saint Louis, FR
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4164948 Method for making artificial tobacco and apparatus for performing said method August 21, 1979
Method for making artificial tobacco. Comprises preparing a homogenous composition from finely divided plant material and additives, this composition having a moisture content of from about 20 to 50 percent by weight, forming said composition into strand sections and rolling down sai
4083371 Process for production of artificial tobacco April 11, 1978
To produce artificial tobacco from a moist paste moist paste is predried to a 15 to 25% by weight liquid content by pressing out liquid and then shaped and hardened by final drying to convert it into artificial tobacco.
4058129 Continuous process for the production of a paste with additives which can be formed into a smoka November 15, 1977
For the production of artificial tobacco from pulverized plant parts, liquid and additives, the liquid is continuously forced, simultaneously with but separate from the powder, into a grinding chamber from which paste is continuously removed to be shaped and dried.BACKGROUND OF THE DISCL
3987801 Smokeable product with meerschaum particles as absorbents October 26, 1976
The present invention provides a smokeable product such as cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco and the like, having meerschaum particles of 100 .mu. diameter as the absorbent and of which at least a part of the tobacco is regenerated tobacco formed of pulp and/or tobacco substitute formed o
3934594 Process for the manufacture of tobacco substitute January 27, 1976
The present invention provides a homogeneous nicotine-free tobacco substitute which consists of:5,000 grams of filler consisting of: one or more of gramineous plants or shells of nuts, cocoa beans or coffee beans,600 grams magnesium formate50 grams tartaric acid300 grams potassium nitrate1,0
3932081 Extruder nozzle for shaping a pulp to form smokable strands or fibers January 13, 1976
An extruder nozzle for an apparatus for producing tobacco fiber from a paste, pulp, mash or slurry of comminuted botanics, which may or may not contain tobacco, binders, plasticizers and organic and inorganic salts, comprises a nozzle surface formed with a multiplicity of orifices throug

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