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Beagle; Wayne P.
Chittenango, NY
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE36053 Compact Oldham coupling January 19, 1999
A pair of keys of an Oldham coupling are located on a chord spaced from a diameter and are of a parallelogram shape. The ends of the corresponding slots are located at the same radius whereby a reduced envelope results.
8196421 System and method for controlled expansion valve adjustment June 12, 2012
A method for controlling temperature pulldown of an enclosure with a refrigeration system having a compressor, a heat rejecting heat exchanger, an expansion valve, and an evaporator comprises circulating a refrigerant through the refrigeration system, sensing a parameter of the enclo
8152500 Scroll compressor build assembly April 10, 2012
A scroll compressor build assembly is provided. An outer housing includes multiple shell sections that interfit to provide internal steps that provide seating surfaces. One or both bearing members can use the internal seats. The outer housing may comprise three shells that telescopic
7997877 Scroll compressor having standardized power strip August 16, 2011
A scroll compressor for compressing fluid has a common terminal block for electrical hook-ups. The compressor includes a compressor section; a drive unit operative to drive the compressor section for compressing fluid; a protection module; and a power connector for connecting electri
7992408 Compressor August 9, 2011
A compressor has a housing. A crank is carried by the housing for rotation about a crank axis. A cylinder is defined within the housing and has a proximal portion and a distal portion. The distal portion is smaller in transverse cross-sectional area than is the proximal portion. A pi
7967581 Shaft mounted counterweight, method and scroll compressor incorporating same June 28, 2011
A counterweight mounted to a drive shaft in a scroll compressor is provided. The drive shaft has a central annular segment generally concentric about the central axis and an eccentric annular segment offset from the central axis that can be used for driving the movable scroll compres
7891201 Refrigerant vapor compression system with flash tank receiver February 22, 2011
A refrigerant vapor compression system includes a flash tank receiver disposed in the refrigerant circuit intermediate the refrigerant cooling heat exchanger and the refrigerant heating heat exchanger. The flash tank receiver, which receives a liquid/vapor refrigerant mix, also functions
7878780 Scroll compressor suction flow path and bearing arrangement features February 1, 2011
A scroll compressor includes an oil separation region generally formed between the motor housing and upper bearing member. A long labyrinth channel is provided with the suction refrigerant gas flow path being redirected to facilitate coalescing of oil mist droplets out of the gas str
7878775 Scroll compressor with housing shell location February 1, 2011
A scroll compressor includes a feature for location of a housing shell section off of one of the scroll compressor bodies. According to this aspect, a scroll compressor comprises a housing including a shell section; scroll compressor bodies having respective bases and respective scro
6565336 Normally unseated suction valve May 20, 2003
In its unstressed state, a suction valve is spaced from its valve seat such that the suction valve must be deformed against its inherent spring force in order to achieve seating. The spring force due to deformation provides an opening bias to the suction valve such that it opens earlier
6468060 Oil film dilation for compressor suction valve stress reduction October 22, 2002
The seat of a suction valve of a reciprocating compressor is modified to limit the radial extent and thereby the area in which an annular oil film can be established between the valve and the valve seat. The preferred radial extent of the seating surface is 0.014 to 0.018 inches and the
6309194 Enhanced oil film dilation for compressor suction valve stress reduction October 30, 2001
The seat of a suction valve of a reciprocating compressor is modified to limit the area in which an annular oil film can be established between the valve and the valve seat. The seat is configured to limit the oil film from 3% to 33% of the total inlet port opening. In a modified embodim
6257851 Generalized minimum diameter scroll component July 10, 2001
A generalized technique is provided for maximizing the volumetric displacement of a gas within a scroll compressor having a scroll set including a fixed scroll wrap and an orbiting scroll wrap. The scroll wraps are designed to minimize the generating radius R.sub.g for at least the o
6120189 Multiple offset journal bearing with stepped diameters for ease of assembly September 19, 2000
A wrist pin is provided with a plurality of offset cylindrical segments which are centered on one of two parallel axes. The segments are of reducing diameter in going from one end to the other and the reduction in diameter between segments is at least equal to their offset.

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