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Beach; Kirk
Seattle, WA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8142369 Measurement and use of in-socket residual limb volume change data for prosthetic fitting March 27, 2012
Changes in the volume of residual limbs on which prosthetic sockets are worn can be measured based on bioimpedance measurements along one or more segments of the limb. A current at an appropriate frequency (e.g., in the range from 1 kHz to 1 MHz) is injected at two current electrodes tha
7803116 Transcutaneous localization of arterial bleeding by two-dimensional ultrasonic imaging of tissue September 28, 2010
An ultrasound based technique for detecting and imaging vibrations in tissue caused by eddies produced during bleeding through punctured arteries or from organs. A clutter signal, normally suppressed in conventional color flow imaging, is employed to detect and characterize local tis
5818359 Process and apparatus for computerizing translation of motion of subcutaneous body parts October 6, 1998
Apparatus for tracking the motion of subcutaneous body parts such as tendons in the carpal tunnel of the wrist by use of an ultrasonic sensor, and supplying signals from such sensor to a computer for comparison with reference data in a memory and utilizing the output of the computer to
5738097 Vector Doppler system for stroke screening April 14, 1998
A pulse Doppler system for determining blood flow velocity in a blood vessel in a body, in particular the carotid artery. A sample region covering a section of the artery is investigated, using two spaced transmitters, one with a frequency of 3 MHz and the other with a frequency of 4
5409010 Vector doppler medical devices for blood velocity studies April 25, 1995
An ultrasonic pulse-echo medical device for determining the angular heading and magnitude of the velocity of blood flowing through a blood vessel by transmitting a pulsed ultrasonic beam from a single transmitting transducer and receiving echoes from sample volumes along such beam by a
5162828 Display system for a head mounted viewing transparency November 10, 1992
A display system for conventional eyewear having a transparency that defines a field of view and a frame for supporting the transparency on a user's head is shown. The display system includes a light transmissive display mounted on the frame of the eyewear and optics for collimating

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