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Bathum; Dale
Mercer Island, WA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D405949 High top sandal upper February 23, 1999
D396949 Shoe spike August 18, 1998
D392453 Sandal upper March 24, 1998
D390347 Shoe sole February 10, 1998
D387893 Sandal upper December 23, 1997
D375192 All terrain spike November 5, 1996
6295742 Sandal with resilient claw shaped cleats October 2, 2001
A sole contains a plurality of resilient claw-shaped lugs mounted on the side perimeter of the sole. The lugs face downwardly and curve inwardly to form an extension overhanging, the sole having an undercut of from 5-30 degrees forming pointed ends. As the sole is planted the pointed end
6052920 Sandal with x-cross weave straps April 25, 2000
A sports sandal having a pair of arc-shaped strips secured to each lateral side of the sandal utilizes a connection means to provide more lateral support. Specifically, the connection means includes a slit on either the front or the rear strip on each lateral side of the sole of the sand
5860228 All purpose nubbed cleat for shoes and other non-slip applications January 19, 1999
The invention relates to an all purpose nubbed cleat which when incorporated into the outsole of a shoe or at the bottom end of a cane or walker will enhance their non-slip, non-skid properties without harming the surface in contact with the cleats. The cleat has a cleat body, a plur
5848482 Cleat assembly for shoes December 15, 1998
The invention is a shoe cleat assembly which when incorporated into the outsole of a shoe will provide a shoe cleat that may be conveniently and easily changed by lifting out the installed cleat and pressing in the replacement. In the preferred embodiment the cleat assembly comprises a

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