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Bass; John C.
La Jolla, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7935882 Self powered electric generating food heater May 3, 2011
A self-powered food heater. The food heater includes a burner with an electric fuel pump and an electric blower, a fire box, a water tank and electronic controls. The food heater also includes a set of thermoelectric modules compressed against a heat transfer surface of the tank. Hot
7400050 Quantum well thermoelectric power source July 15, 2008
A quantum well thermoelectric module providing very high conversion of heat energy in to electrical energy. In prefered embodiments the module provides electric power for monitoring, measuring or detecting any of a variety of things (such as temperature, smoke, other pollution, flow,
7342170 Thermoelectric module with Si/SiC and B.sub.4 C/B.sub.9 C super-lattice legs March 11, 2008
A super-lattice thermoelectric device. The device is comprised of p-legs and n-legs, each leg being comprised of a large number of very thin alternating layers of two materials with differing electron band gaps. The n-legs in the device are comprised of alternating layers of Si and S
7038234 Thermoelectric module with Si/SiGe and B4C/B9C super-lattice legs May 2, 2006
A super-lattice thermoelectric device. The device includes p-legs and n-legs, each leg having a large number of alternating layers of two materials with differing electron band gaps. The n-legs in the device are comprised of alternating layers of silicon and silicon germanium. The p-
7012554 Thermoelectric vehicle tracking device March 14, 2006
A tracking device for tracking a vehicle in which a radio transmitter is powered by heat energy of the exhaust system of an engine propelling the vehicle. A thermoelectric module is attached to a hot portion of the exhaust system. Electrical power generated by the thermoelectric module
6914343 Thermoelectric power from environmental temperature cycles July 5, 2005
An electric generator system for producing electric power from the environmental temperature changes such as occur during a normal summer day on Earth or Mars. In a preferred embodiment a phase-change mass is provided which partially or completely freezes during the relatively cold p
6624349 Heat of fusion phase change generator September 23, 2003
A heat of fusion thermoelectric generator. A heat source is in thermal contact with a phase change material, wherein the heat source is capable of providing sufficient heat so as to be able to melt the phase change material. The phase change material is in thermal contact with a hot side
6519947 Thermoelectric module with funneled heat flux February 18, 2003
A low-cost thermoelectric module utilizing a greatly reduced quantity of thermoelectric material as compared to similar prior art thermoelectric modules. An egg crate design containing thermoelectric elements is utilized in the present invention. However, the walls of the egg crate in
6307142 Combustion heat powered portable electronic device October 23, 2001
A combustion heat powered portable electronic device. At least one thermoelectric module is sandwiched between a hot block heated by a combustion heat source and a cold-side heat sink and provides electric power to a portable electronic device from the temperature difference. An elec
6272873 Self powered motor vehicle air conditioner August 14, 2001
A motor vehicle with a self-powered air conditioner system. An absorption type air conditioning unit is configured to air condition at least a portion of cab space of the motor vehicle. The unit has at least one electric powered component. There is a generator located outside the cab
6207887 Miniature milliwatt electric power generator March 27, 2001
A miniature thermoelectric module for generating electric power from low power heat sources in the range of a fraction of a Watt to a few Watts. The module comprises an array of thermoelectric elements, each element having a cross section of less than 0.001 square inch and a length of at
6053163 Stove pipe thermoelectric generator April 25, 2000
A stovepipe thermoelectric generator. The unit fits in a stovepipe of a coal or wood stove. At least one thermoelectric module is sandwiched between a hot side fin unit with fins extending into the flow of exhaust gases and a cold side fin unit with fins cooled by forced room air. A
6019098 Self powered furnace February 1, 2000
A self-powered combustion furnace unit. A combustion furnace providing circulating hot fluid heating is equipped with a thermoelectric generator comprised of a plurality of thermoelectric modules mounted on the furnace. The heat from the combustion provides a high temperature hot side he
5892656 Thermoelectric generator April 6, 1999
A thermoelectric generator system. The thermoelectric generator has at least one hot side heat exchanger and at least one cold side heat exchanger and at least one thermoelectric module with thermoelectric elements installed in an injection molded eggcrate. The thermoelectric modules
5875098 Thermoelectric module with gapless eggcrate February 23, 1999
A thermoelectric module having a gapless insulating eggcrate providing insulated spaces for a large number of p-type and n-type thermoelectric elements. The absence of gaps in the walls of the spaces virtually eliminates the possibility of interwall shorts between the elements. Elect
5856210 Method for fabricating a thermoelectric module with gapless eggcrate January 5, 1999
A method for fabricating a thermoelectric module with thermoelectric elements installed in an gapless eggcrate. This gapless eggcrate provides insulated spaces for a large number of p-type and n-type thermoelectric elements. The absence of gaps in the walls of the spaces virtually el
5625245 Thermoelectric generator for motor vehicle April 29, 1997
A thermoelectric generator for producing electric power for a motor vehicle from the heat of the exhaust gasses produced by the engine of the motor vehicle. The exhaust gasses pass through a finned heat transfer support structure which has seat positions on its outside surface for the
5449288 Aspirated wick atomizer nozzle September 12, 1995
An aspirated wick atomizer nozzle device having a nozzle body and a screen wire wick sandwiched between the an outlet surface of the nozzle body and the inside surface of a nozzle cap. A liquid entering the nozzle body through a fuel inlet passes by a wicking action of the screen wire wi
5356487 Thermally amplified and stimulated emission radiator fiber matrix burner October 18, 1994
A combustion device for producing predetermined radiation spectral output and heat for a variety of applications including lighting, cooking, heating water, electric power generation, and providing inexpensive photons to enhance chemical and physical reactions.A process for the preparati
4906178 Self-powered gas appliance March 6, 1990
Embodiments of gas-fired appliances which generate sufficient electricity to be self-powered include water heaters, space heaters, air conditioning units, and electric power and steam cogeneration systems. In such apparatus, gas is burned in a porous ceramic surface combustion burner.
4773945 Solar cell with low infra-red absorption and method of manufacture September 27, 1988
A cell for using solar radiation to generate electrical power comprises a direct band gap (or high absorption coefficient) substrate which is formed with at least one hole that extends from one side of the substrate to the other side of the substrate. A p-n junction formed with an emitte
4639542 Modular thermoelectric conversion system January 27, 1987
A thermoelectric conversion system including a burner assembly and a number of thermoelectric conversion modules for converting thermal energy resulting from the operation of the burner assembly into electrical energy. The burner assembly includes a central combustion chamber and a n
4611089 Thermoelectric converter September 9, 1986
A thermoelectric converter includes a heat source having a mating face and a heat sink also having a mating face. The converter also includes a thermoelectric conversion module positioned between these faces. The module includes an electrically insulative holder having a first side p

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