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Barbachyn; Michael Robert
Kalamazoo, MI
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7605157 Tricyclic tetrahydroquinoline antibacterial agents October 20, 2009
The invention includes tetrahydroquinoline and related compounds of formula I and pharmaceutical compositions thereof, that exhibit useful antibacterial activity again a wide range of human and veterinary pathogens ##STR00001##
6919329 N-Aryl-2-oxazolidinone-5-carboxamides and their derivatives July 19, 2005
The present invention provides antibacterial agents having the formulae I, II, and III described herein.
6825225 Bicyclic isoxazolinones as antibacterial agents November 30, 2004
The present invention provides compounds of formula I useful as anti microbial agents ##STR1##wherein X, Y, R.sup.1, and n are as defined in thereof.
6605609 Thizaine oxazolidinone August 12, 2003
The present invention provides a thizaine oxazolidinone useful as antimicrobial.
6387896 Bicyclic oxazolidinones as antibacterial agents May 14, 2002
The present invention provides compounds of formula I useful as antimicrobial agents ##STR1##wherein W, X, Y, R.sup.1, R.sup.2 and n are as defined in thereof.
6147116 Polyaromatic antiviral compositions November 14, 2000
The present invention relates to polyaromatic compounds having useful antiviral activity against viruses of the herpes family, to a composition containing them, and to a method of using them for the treatment of herpes viruses infections.
6093736 Isoxazoline derivatives useful as antimicrobials July 25, 2000
The present invention provides compounds of formula I ##STR1## or a pharmaceutical acceptable salt thereof wherein Q, X, Y and R.sub.1 are as defined in the claims which are antibacterial agents.
6090820 Spirocyclic and bicyclic diazinyl and carbazinyl oxazolidinones July 18, 2000
A compound of structural Formula I or II which is useful for treating microbial infections in humans or other warm-blooded animals, or pharmaceultically acceptable salts thereof as defined herein. ##STR1##
6083967 S-oxide and S,S-dioxide tetrahydrothiopyran phenyloxazolidinones July 4, 2000
The present invention provides compounds of formula I and formula II useful as antimicrobial agents wherein R.sub.1 is methyl, ethyl, cyclopropyl, or dichloromethyl; R.sub.2 and R.sub.3 are independently hydrogen or fluoro; R.sub.4 is ethyl or dichloromethyl. The invention also relates t
6069141 Substituted aminophenyl isoxazoline derivatives useful as antimicrobials May 30, 2000
The present invention provides novel substituted amionphenyl isoxazoline derivatives of formula I ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 is H, alkyl, cycloalkyl, alkoxy, amino, or alkylamino; X and Y are the same and different and are H, F, or CH.sub.3 ; W is O, or S;Q is a 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, or 9-me
5990136 Isoxazoline derivatives useful as antimicrobials November 23, 1999
The present invention provides compounds of formula 1 ##STR1## or pharmaceutical acceptable salts thereof wherein A and R.sub.1 are as defined in the claims which are antibacterial agents.
5736545 Azolyl piperazinyl phenyl oxazolidinone antimicrobials April 7, 1998
Compounds useful in the preparation of pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of microbial infection where such compounds are of structural Formula I ##STR1## or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof wherein: R.sup.1 is --CHO, --COCH.sub.3, --COCHCl.sub.2, --COCHF.sub.
5708169 5-amidomethyl .alpha.,.beta.-saturated and -unsaturated 3-aryl butyrolactone antibacterial agent January 13, 1998
The present invention provides for new 5-amidomethyl, .alpha.,.beta.-saturated and--unsaturated butyrolactone antibacterial agents of formula I ##STR1## characterized by 3-aryl substituents that include, for example, indolinyl and phenyl substituted with zero (0) to two(2) haloge

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