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Bantz; David F.
Chappaqua, NY
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7464163 Service provisioning via attribute-based subscription December 9, 2008
Disclosed is a method, a system and a computer program that is embodied on at least one computer readable medium for service provisioning a customer with at least one software application from a service provider. In the case of the computer program embodiment there is provided first
7174017 Decryption system for encrypted audio February 6, 2007
An encrypted audio decryption system for decrypting encrypted audio sound. The system includes a hearing device and a key FOB. The hearing device is adapted to receive the encrypted audio sound, decrypt the encrypted audio sound, and transmit signals corresponding to the decrypted audio
7167571 Automatic audio adjustment system based upon a user's auditory profile January 23, 2007
A system for adjusting audio output including a transmitter unit adapted to be carried by a user and a sound generating system. The transmitter unit includes a memory and a signal transmitter. The sound generating system includes a sound generator, a signal receiver, means for altering
6915449 Method and apparatus for performing emergency shutdown of a malfunctioning computer system savin July 5, 2005
A method is disclosed for operating a digital data processing system, as is a digital data processing system that operates in accordance with the method. The method includes steps of (A) detecting an activation of a user input that indicates that the system or a program executed by the s
6769075 Method and apparatus for performing emergency shutdown of a malfunctioning computer system savin July 27, 2004
A method includes steps of (A) detecting an activation of a user input that indicates that the system, or a program executed by the system, has become non-responsive to a user; (B) determining an identification of any currently open files and programs with which currently open files are
5613206 Ad Hoc packet data networks using cellular telephone networks March 18, 1997
This invention discloses a method and apparatus for acquiring and maintaining a cellular wireless communications subnetwork on an Ad Hoc basis, where mobile units within a cellular network communicate with each other using only a single communications channel of the entire cellular w
5507035 Diversity transmission strategy in mobile/indoor cellula radio communications April 9, 1996
In a mobile cellular communication system, a base station is wired to a Local Area Network (LAN), and has wireless communication with a plurality of mobile stations. Multipath fading is substantially reduced in the system by utilizing antenna diversity techniques at the base station and
5448569 Handoff monitoring in cellular communication networks using slow frequency hopping September 5, 1995
Methods for handoff in a wireless communication network including a local area network connected to a plurality of base stations, each of which has a geographic area, defined as a cell, within which mobile stations can communicate with a base station, with each such base station being ca
5414731 Command set and procedure for synchronization of frequency hopping control clocks May 9, 1995
A wireless Local Area Network (LAN), in which each wireless adapter includes a controller and a transceiver which are located a finite distance from each other. Each controller and transceiver has their own hop clock and hop table. A data interface which includes a command set is def
5394433 Frequency hopping pattern assignment and control in multiple autonomous collocated radio network February 28, 1995
A control system for automated management of frequency-hopping in a radio network. The system includes a Wireless Network Manager (WNM) or Controller and a Wireless Control Agent (WCA), which control the distribution and maintenance of hopping patterns in the radio network. In a sing
5384777 Adaptive medium access control scheme for wireless LAN January 24, 1995
A Medium Access (MAC) Protocol is utilized for wireless radio access for a plurality of remote stations to a base station on a LAN. There is a time division fixed frame structure in which time is slotted, and time slots are grouped into fixed frames consisting of data and control subfram
5123029 Broadcast-initiated bipartite frame multi-access protocol June 16, 1992
A hybrid of controlled access and random access schemes using frequency hopping spread spectrum communication techniques is implemented in an indoor digital data radio communication system between mobile stations and a computer system. A hop in the frequency hopping spread spectrum c
4731606 Method for rapid windowing of display information in computer graphics March 15, 1988
A method for rapid windowing of display information in computer graphics is disclosed herein. Image display data is maintained in a hierarchical data tree structure. Small numbers of bits of data called summaries are maintained at the nodes of the tree. The large complete data image is
4679038 Band buffer display system July 7, 1987
Pixel representations for each of a plurality of superimposed (or splitscreen) display portions are accumulated in a band buffer prior to being transferred to the display. The actual pixel representations are made available to the band buffer from an image memory, with addresses prov
4644503 Computer memory system with integrated parallel shift circuits February 17, 1987
The system includes a plurality of memory units each for storing a plurality of independently addressable binary bits. The units operate together in response to each common bit address to supply a bit from each unit to form an array of bits for a discrete section of a larger array. T
4578674 Method and apparatus for wireless cursor position control March 25, 1986
A method and apparatus for wireless cursor position control is disclosed herein. The apparatus comprises a wireless cursor position device and a separate control base whereby the direction and velocity of motion of the position device is monitored by the control base and used said direct
4376982 Protocol for inter-processor dialog over a communication network March 15, 1983
A communication system includes a plurality of requestors and a plurality of responders representing resources. A protocol exercised by all elements provides accurate and consistent interconnection of all elements in a system where messages may be delayed or lost. Requestors are provided
4312066 Diagnostic/debug machine architecture January 19, 1982
A system is described for enabling the connection of a diagnostic/debugging processor to another host processor for the purpose of troubleshooting that processor's hardware and software. The system is composed of an interface between the diagnostic/debugging processor per se and the host
4286321 Common bus communication system in which the width of the address field is greater than the numb August 25, 1981
The technique for transmitting address information between a processor and a plurality of memory subsystems in a common bus communication system. The width of the address field is greater than the number of lines on the bus. For example, addresses are three bytes wide, and the bus is one

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