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Ban; Kazunori
Yamanashi, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8295975 Object picking device October 23, 2012
An object picking device, which is inexpensive and capable of speedily and accurately picking one object at a time from a random pile state. A target detecting part of an image processing part processes an image captured by a camera and detects objects. A target selecting part selects
8132835 Workpiece gripping device March 13, 2012
A workpiece gripping device includes a primary catching mechanism having a suction pad adapted to hold a workpiece by suction power and a rod-like part having the suction pad mounted on one end thereof, gripping pawls sandwiching and gripping the workpiece, a drive unit for supplying a
8121731 Teaching position correcting apparatus and teaching position correction method February 21, 2012
A teaching position correcting apparatus corrects plural teaching point positions of a robot in a robot operation program, by sequentially moving the robot to each of the plural teaching points and by sequentially reading a current position of the robot at each of the plural teaching
8098928 Apparatus for picking up objects January 17, 2012
An apparatus for picking up objects including a robot for picking up an object, at least one part of the object having a curved shape, having a storing means for storing a gray gradient distribution model of the object, a recognizing means for recognizing a gray image of the object, a
8014899 Article conveying robot system September 6, 2011
An article conveying robot system capable of effectively containing an article in a container conveyed by a conveyor by using a robot. A container detecting part measures the distribution of shading of an image of each containing cell based on a detection result of the container, det
7996114 Workpiece picking device and method August 9, 2011
A workpiece picking device and method for reducing the cycle time of a picking operation of workpieces, by omitting or reducing the movement of a robot manipulator when an image of the workpieces is captured. An image processor of the picking device includes a camera controlling part for
7966094 Workpiece picking apparatus June 21, 2011
A workpiece picking apparatus includes a robot, a workpiece recognition device for recognizing the workpieces located in a wide area, an accurate measurement device for accurately measuring the three-dimensional position of the workpiece, a workpiece select device for selecting the w
7957580 Workpiece picking device June 7, 2011
A workpiece picking device capable of correctly detecting the size of a workpiece. The picking device has a robot capable of picking the same kind of workpieces contained in a work container, a robot controller for controlling the robot, a video camera positioned above the work container
7899577 Measuring system and calibration method March 1, 2011
A measuring system and a calibration method for automatically calculating errors of mechanical parameters with high accuracy and correcting the parameters, by means of a relatively small and inexpensive measuring device. In relation to a plurality of positions of measurement, a robot
7853359 Calibration device and method for robot mechanism December 14, 2010
A calibration device and method for automatically determining the position and the orientation of a robot used for measurement. First, an initial position of a preliminary position is generated based on a designated basic position, and it is judged whether the initial position is within
7734376 Hand and handling robot June 8, 2010
A hand as an end effector. The hand includes a base, a hook element associated with the base and capable of hooking and lifting an object, a holding element associated with the base and cooperating with the hook element to hold the object therebetween, and a drive section causing a r
7720573 Robot control apparatus May 18, 2010
A robot control apparatus includes a control apparatus body fixedly installed and connected to a robot and a portable teaching pendant connected to the control apparatus body to operate the robot through the teaching pendant. The teaching pendant includes an imaging device connector
7684897 Robot program generating device and robot program analyzing device March 23, 2010
A work model (or an image) is displayed on an image plane of a robot simulator (201), and a measuring portion and a measuring method are designated (202, 203) and a work shape and a work loading state are designated (204), and then it is judged whether or not the measuring portion an
7657346 Object picking system February 2, 2010
The system includes a detecting section detecting an object to be picked, among a plurality of objects placed in a manner as to be at least partially superimposed on each other; a storage section storing appearance information of a predetermined portion of a reference object having a
7534077 Finishing machine May 19, 2009
A surface of a workpiece is traced when a machining tool is pressed onto the surface of the workpiece under force control so as to find the positional data of the surface shape. This positional data is corrected by an error caused by a bend of a robot. The positional data is compared
7526121 Three-dimensional visual sensor April 28, 2009
Slit light is projected onto the surface of an object, the reflected light is received using a video camera and analyzed by means of an image processor to thereby determine an equation of the surface onto which the slit light is projected. Then, an image is captured through normal image
7502504 Three-dimensional visual sensor March 10, 2009
A three-dimensional visual sensor which measures the three-dimensional position and orientation of an objective workpiece accurately even when the position and orientation thereof varies. The position Ca, tilting angle .theta.a and size S of a first region A which includes a characte
7445260 Gripping type hand November 4, 2008
A gripping type hand including a plurality of finger mechanisms provided respectively with finger joints, actuators for driving the finger joints, and links supported by the finger joints and operating under driving force of the actuators. The gripping type hand includes an operation
7386367 Workpiece conveying apparatus June 10, 2008
A workpiece is gripped by a robot hand and an image of the workpiece is captured by a camera. An image processing device detects the position and posture of a characteristic portion of the workpiece. On the basis of the present position of the robot, the relative position and posture bet
7359817 Method of and device for re-calibrating three-dimensional visual sensor in robot system April 15, 2008
A re-calibration method and device for a three-dimensional visual sensor of a robot system, whereby the work load required for re-calibration is mitigated. While the visual sensor is normal, the visual sensor and a measurement target are arranged in one or more relative positional re
7280687 Device for detecting position/orientation of object October 9, 2007
A position/orientation detecting device for detecting a three-dimensional position/orientation of an object such as a workpiece in a stereo mode of highly reliable determination of corresponding images, which is suitable for use to be combined with a robot to constitute an object picking
7203573 Workpiece taking-out apparatus April 10, 2007
A workpiece taking-out apparatus performs snap with a camera of a three-dimensional visual sensor in a robot position for snap and captures an image in a personal computer. The workpiece taking-out apparatus detects workpieces to find a line of sight of the camera for each workpiece,
7202957 Three-dimensional visual sensor April 10, 2007
A three-dimensional visual sensor is disclosed. A two-dimensional image of a two-dimensional feature portion including a point determined on a work is acquired, and N points are determined. A slit of light is projected by a projector, an image of a projected portion is obtained, and M po
7190402 Visual sensor for capturing images with different exposure periods March 13, 2007
A visual sensor capable of expanding a dynamic range with a little load of processing for arithmetic operations and performing a stable detection not affected by change of conditions such as ON/OFF state of projection of reference light. A multiplying parameter A (A>1) and the number
7171041 Position-orientation recognition device January 30, 2007
Upon reception of a work sensing command from a robot controller, an image processing unit obtains a two-dimensional image of thee whole work pallet including a work, with a CCD camera (a first sensor means). A line of sight is calculated based on the work position on the sensed two-
7123992 Article pickup device October 17, 2006
The presence range for workpieces (the internal edge of a container's opening) is defined with a visual sensor attached to a robot and the range is divided into a specified number of sectional regions. A robot position suitable for sensing each of the sectional regions is determined,
6970802 Three-dimensional measuring device November 29, 2005
Three-dimensional measurement capable of reducing an error in coupling robot and sensor coordinate systems and adverse effects of backlash in a robot. A position/orientation of the robot for obtaining a measurement value on the sensor coordinate system is set beforehand with a workpiece
6845296 Object taking out apparatus January 18, 2005
An object taking out apparatus capable of taking out randomly stacked objects with high reliability and low cost. An image of one of workpieces as objects of taking out at a reference position is captured by a video camera. Whole feature information and partial feature information are
6763284 Robot teaching apparatus July 13, 2004
An image of a reference object is captured using a camera and displayed. A measurement starting point is pointed by an image position pointing device. A corresponding view line is obtained using a position on the image and a position and a direction of the camera, a robot approaches to
6665588 Workpiece unloading apparatus December 16, 2003
A workpiece is gripped and unloaded by moving workpiece unloading means based on the results of measuring the workpiece position and orientation with a visual sensor. When a plurality of loaded workpieces are unloaded in a regular order one by one, or in groups, the position and orientat
6382012 Method for calibrating force sensor mounted on robot, and robot May 7, 2002
A method for executing calibration without having to dismount a force sensor from a robot, and an apparatus for executing this method are provided. When a robot mounted with a calibrated force sensor begins to be operated, any tool whose position of the center of gravity and weight are
6328523 Apparatus for picking up articles using a vision controlled robot December 11, 2001
A group of bolts are suppled into a placing surface of a tray, an isolated bolt is searched for by a visual sensor, and its deviation from a standard position at the time of teaching is determined. The isolated bolt is picked up by a robot that has been taught how to pick up an isolated

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