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Baldwin; David J.
Allen, TX
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8008969 Single supply class-D amplifier August 30, 2011
Traditionally, switching amplifiers (i.e., class-D and class-G) with negative supply rails had issues with direct current (DC) power loss, included large external capacitors, had a comparative reduction in efficiency, and oftentimes included separate power management circuits. Here,
7633336 Audio amplifier and methods of generating audio signals December 15, 2009
Audio amplifiers and methods of generating audio signals are disclosed. A disclosed example amplifier comprises a first driver to receive a first signal; a second driver to receive a second signal; a configurable signal delivery circuit; and a mode selector in communication with the firs
7449959 Methods and apparatus to detect impedance at an amplifier output November 11, 2008
Methods and apparatus to detect impedance at an amplifier output are described. In one example, a method of determining a relative value of an amplifier output load may include determining a current provided to the amplifier output load in response to an input signal; determining a c
7323793 System and method for driving one or more loads January 29, 2008
A system and method for driving a load at a desired operating level. A driver is connected to a load. The load can be selected from a plurality of loads by a selection system, such as a multiplexer, or a single load can be utilized. Feedback from the load is provided to the driver for
7119498 Current control device for driving LED devices October 10, 2006
A current control device for driving LED devices uses a switched-mode current control loop inside of an output intensity low-frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) control loop. This allows separate control of current level (for accurate light wavelength output) and light intensity.
7072776 Method of regulating resistance in a discontinuous time hot-wire anemometer July 4, 2006
A system and method are provided to regulate resistance in a discontinuous time hot-wire anemometer. The solution removes supply voltage dependency on the mass airflow output signal. Operating the hot-wire anemometer using discontinuous time regulation offers lower system power, but
7034583 Versatile system for output energy limiting circuitry April 25, 2006
The present invention provides a system for limiting energy levels across the output of a driver circuitry segment (100). The system provides an output structure (102) adapted to drive an output load (104). A transconductance component (106) is communicatively coupled to the output s
7013725 System and method for regulating bridge voltage in a discontinuous-time hot-wire anemometer March 21, 2006
In accordance with the teachings of the present invention, a system and method for regulating bridge voltage in a discrete-time hot-wire anemometer is provided. In a particular embodiment, the hot-wire anemometer includes a bridge circuit including a hot-wire resistor, first and seco
6995483 Synchronous buck and boost regulator power reduction circuit using high side sensing February 7, 2006
A synchronous DC-DC regulator, adapted to receive a high side pulsed signal and a low side pulsed signal that is substantially the inverse of the high side pulsed signal. The regulator includes an inductor, and a capacitor having one port connected to ground, and having a second port
6969979 Multiple mode switching regulator having an automatic sensor circuit for power reduction November 29, 2005
A switching regulator having a control circuit that automatically senses when a low power mode should be initiated without the use of expensive external components nor an extensive amount of external components is disclosed herein. The switching regulator includes an input switching
6859020 Low power mode detection circuit for a DC/DC converter February 22, 2005
A DC/DC converter has a semiconductor switch coupled to an inductor, a capacitor and a rectifier. A comparator is coupled to across the rectifier to detect a polarity reversal during the second portion of converter operation to place the converter in a low power mode if the voltage acros
6696861 Switch mode regulator controller using hybrid technique February 24, 2004
A switch mode controller circuit includes: a hysteretic comparator HYST_COMP for monitoring an output of a switch mode circuit; a standard comparator PHASE_COMP for monitoring a phase of the switch mode circuit; a logic block having a first input coupled to a clock signal generator O
6678829 System and method of regulating the distribution of power throughout a system through the use of January 13, 2004
An integrated solution to power management and distribution on a power bus, such as needed for an IEEE 1394 compliant expansion board. The integrated circuit includes a uni-directional switch on the input and one or more bi-directional switches on one or more outputs. Current can flow fr
6650100 Bootstrap technique for a multiple mode switching regulator November 18, 2003
A multiple mode switching regulator with a bootstrap technique includes an inductor 20; a high side input switch 22 coupled to a first end of the inductor 20; a low side input switch 24 coupled to the first end of the inductor 20; a high side driver 34 coupled to a control node of the hi
6608521 Pulse width modulation regulator control circuit having precise frequency and amplitude control August 19, 2003
A control circuit (50) for a switch mode power converter having precise control of amplitude and frequency that does not exhibit overshoot error nor undershoot error during a fast charge cycle nor a fast discharge cycle, respectively. In a first embodiment, the control circuit (50) does
6486740 Method and system for dynamic compensation November 26, 2002
One aspect of the invention is an integrated circuit (10 or 110) comprising an amplifier (11 or 111) having at least two poles in its frequency response and an output impedance compensation circuit (M1A, M2, M3, AC1 or M1A, M2, M3, M4, AC1) coupled to an output node (30) of the amplifier
6373343 Oscillator and method April 16, 2002
An integrated circuit (10) is disclosed comprising a fundamental frequency oscillator comprising a reference node (32) whose voltage varies between a high threshold and a low threshold. The fundamental frequency oscillator is operable to generate a first output at the fundamental frequen
6324044 Driver for controller area network November 27, 2001
A controlled area network (CAN) driver provides improved symmetry between its differential output signals CAN-H and CAN-L, and provides protection for its low voltage devices from voltage transients occurring on its output lines. A plurality of CAN drivers 80 are serially interconnected
6255887 Variable transconductance current mirror circuit July 3, 2001
A variable transconductance current mirror circuit includes a first field effect transistor having a gate, a source, and a drain, and a second field effect transistor having a gate, a source, and a drain. The gate of the second transistor is coupled to the gate of the first transistor, a
6169439 Current limited power MOSFET device with improved safe operating area January 2, 2001
An integrated circuit having a protected output field effect transistor (FET) (101). A drain-gate clamp circuit (105) is coupled to divert charge from the power FET drain electrode to the power FET gate electrode when excessive drain-source voltage is present. A drain-source current limi
6169309 High breakdown-voltage transistor with transient protection January 2, 2001
A circuit for protecting a transistor against electrical transients. The circuit comprises a first diode coupled between a first terminal coupled to a power supply and a control terminal of the protected transistor. The circuit also comprises a second diode and a resistor coupling the co
6144070 High breakdown-voltage transistor with electrostatic discharge protection November 7, 2000
A transistor including a source region 506 in a semiconductor body 502; a bulk region 508 in the semiconductor body adjacent the source region; a drain region in the semiconductor body adjacent the bulk region but opposite the source region, the drain region including doped regions 5
6111737 Internal voltage protection circuit August 29, 2000
An internal circuitry protection scheme which protects on-IC circuitry when an external regulator voltage pin is shorted to a higher voltage. The circuit prevents damage to the on-die circuitry that is on the internal voltage rail, by clamping the received voltage, thereby eliminating th
5909135 High-side MOSFET gate protection shunt circuit June 1, 1999
A high-side MOSFET gate protection shunt circuit is provided for protecting an output driving transistor (10). The output driving transistor (10) is operable to drive a load (18) on an output node (12). A sense resistor (26) is disposed between the supply voltage terminal and the output

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