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Bair; Thomas I.
Wilmington, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6471864 Adsorbent biocatalyst porous beads October 29, 2002
Highly porous, adsorbent biocatalyst beads of poly(hexamethyleneadipamide) or poly(caproamide) polymer having powdered activated carbon dispersed throughout the polymer and biocatalytic material, such as bacteria, located within macropores of the beads, are highly useful and relatively
5486292 Adsorbent biocatalyst porous beads January 23, 1996
Highly porous, adsorbent biocatalyst beads of synthetic organic polymer have powdered activated carbon dispersed throughout the polymer and a biocatalyst, such as bacteria, located within macropores of the beads. The beads are used for remediation of contaminated aqueous streams. The
5482773 Activated carbon-containing fibrids January 9, 1996
Polymeric fibrids containing embedded activated carbon are useful as adsorbents.
5391415 Article for absorbing oils February 21, 1995
An oil-absorbing article has longitudinal channels that surround a layer of polyester or polyolefin fiber balls with a porous outer fabric. The channels are 1 to 4 cm wide and 0.8 to 1.4 cm thick. The article absorbs oil amounting to at least six times its dry weight and can be re-used a
5135787 Iced food shipping container with aqueous liquid absorbing pad August 4, 1992
An iced food shipping container and a novel aqueous liquid absorbing pad for use therein are provided. The pad comprises superabsorbing polymer particles distributed in a polyester carded web contained between hydrophilic fabric outer layers. The pad can absorb more than 100 times it
5096722 Food package for microwave cooking containing a grease-absorbing pad March 17, 1992
An improved package for microwave cooking of food has a grease-absorbing pad that has a porous spundbonded polyester outer fabric bonded to a needle-punched nonwoven polyester staple-fiber core layer. The pad provides efficient absorption and retention of liquid fat and grease genera
5049430 Copolyester fibers suitable for use in carpets September 17, 1991
Copolyester fibers susceptible of enhanced dyeability on continuous dye equipment and which have improved recovery from compression are prepared from a poly(alkylene terephthalate) such as poly(ethylene terephthalate) containing 9 to 17 weight percent of a poly(tetramethylene ether) glyc
4965129 Article for absorbing liquids October 23, 1990
A sausage-shaped liquid-absorbing article is provided which includes within a porous fabric fine, fibrous particles of flash-spun polyethylene, optionally particles of foamed organic polymer, and an effective amount of a wetting agent. The article is capable of absorbing oils or aqueous
4957794 Aramid fluff September 18, 1990
A composition is disclosed which comprises a fluff of aramid fibers wherein some of the aramid fibers are in the form of balls of the fluff. The composition is particularly useful for insulation, absorption, cushioning, and the like.
4698414 Copoly(p-phenylene terephthalamide/2,6-naphthalamide)aramid yarn October 6, 1987
Yarns of copoly(p-phenylene terephthalamide/2,6-naphthalamide) are disclosed which exhibit toughness and tenacity greater than the toughness and tenacity of yarns of poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide) having the same dimensions and made by the same process.
4466935 Aramid spinning process August 21, 1984
In a dry-spinneret wet-spinning process for the preparation of para-aramid filaments by spinning from sulfuric acid solution, filament tenacity and modulus are increased when the tension is applied to the freshly spun, wet filaments when they contain less than 50% sulfuric acid.

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