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Bachman; John A.
Dana Point, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7617759 Precision load positioner with positive weight deviation indication and over-pressure protection November 17, 2009
An apparatus for bidirectionally translating and positioning loads under tension includes a linear hydraulic actuator suspendible from a hoist such as a crane and is useable to support, raise and lower heavy loads in precisely controllable small incremental distances. The apparatus u
6474922 Remote operation auxiliary hoist control and precision load positioner November 5, 2002
An electromechanical, remotely operated Auxiliary Hoist Control and Precision Load Positioner system and device is disclosed utilizing a Radio Frequency Hand Controller transceiver Unit distal to a Radio Frequency Hoist Controller Transceiver Unit for raising and lowering a large, heavy,
6117077 Long-term, ambulatory physiological recorder September 12, 2000
A self contained, compact, long term, ambulatory physiological recorder is designed for mounting directly to the body of a patient, immediately adjacent to the organ or system that is to be monitored, and is adhesively and covertly held there in place and comfortably under clothing by th
5701894 Modular physiological computer-recorder December 30, 1997
An ambulatory physiological computer recorder that includes multiple selective plug and play signal input conditioners, a microprocessor system with operating and analyzing software and a removable memory module for data storage. The removable memory module may consist of any non-volatil
5540232 Method and apparatus for displaying pacer signals on an electrocardiograph July 30, 1996
A system for monitoring the operation of a cardiac pacemaker and the response of the patient to the pacemaker includes an ARRHYTHMIAGRAPH that displays the occurrence of pacemaker signals in relation to overall QRS cycles and analyses the relationship of pacemaker signals to QRS cycles.
5273050 ECG analysis system with multiple cassette loader December 28, 1993
An ECG analysis system is provided that automatically scans and classifies in sequence a plurality of long term recorded patient cassette tapes by first identifying and then inserting each tape cassette into a cassette player for the analysis system, and finally removing each tape casset
5090418 Method and apparatus for screening electrocardiographic (ECG) data February 25, 1992
A time saving automatic screening system for detection, measurement, analysis and plotting of electrocardiographic (ECG) signals employing arrhythmia analysis programs on long term ambulatory (Holter) recordings to assess the ECG signals and categorize the recorded data as either art
4467324 Apparatus and method for printing annotated electrocardial data August 21, 1984
A single-beam CRT printer, used as a validator record of electrocardiographic data played back from a magnetic tape at a much higher speed than the speed at which it was recorded, includes a scan circuit for generating signals for steering the beam alternately through an ECG scan pat

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