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Azuma; Makoto
Yokohama, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5294820 Field-effect transistor March 15, 1994
A field-effect transistor comprising a semiconductor substrate having source and drain regions and a gate electrode, wherein a thin organic film including donor and acceptor molecules is provided between the semiconductor substrate and the gate electrode. When a predetermined voltage
5240762 Organic thin film element August 31, 1993
An organic thin film element is disclosed which has an organic thin film consisting of a mixed stacked charge-transfer complex of donor and acceptor molecules, wherein the organic thin film is made neutral by forming the mixed stacked charge-transfer complex which is ionic under the
5144473 Organic thin film display element September 1, 1992
An organic thin film display element comprises a pair of electrodes, an organic thin film interposed between the electrodes and including both donor molecules and acceptor molecules, and an insulating layer having a relative dielectric constant of 10 or more, and interposed between at
4987023 Organic thin-film device January 22, 1991
An organic thin film device, including first and second organic thin films containing acceptor and doner molecules, respectively, stacked one on another, in which at least one of the first and second organic thin films contains a chemical species having a dipole moment P.sub.2, and the s
4871236 Organic thin film display element October 3, 1989
An organic thin film display element comprises an organic thin film containing donor moleculaes and acceptor molecules and a pulse voltage source for causing a charge transfer between the donor molecules and the acceptor molecules. The charge transfer varies the optical characteristic
4819210 Optical information writing method April 4, 1989
An information writing method of an optical recording device selectively irradiates light on an optical recording medium, having a thin organic film containing donor and acceptor molecules, and a pair of electrodes for applying a voltage to the thin organic film, in order to cause charge
4768074 Heterojunction bipolar transistor having an emitter region with a band gap greater than that of August 30, 1988
A heterojunction bipolar transistor comprises a base region of a first conductivity type formed of a first kind of semiconductor material, an emitter region of a second conductivity type formed of a second kind of semiconductor material which has a band gap greater than that of the first
4739379 Heterojunction bipolar integrated circuit April 19, 1988
A heterojunction bipolar integrated circuit is disclosed which uses a heterojunction bipolar transistor with a heterojunction between an emitter region and a base region. In this transistor, a pn junction between the base region and the emitter region has a greater area than a pn junctio
4370180 Method for manufacturing power switching devices January 25, 1983
A method for manufacturing power switching devices such as thyristors and power transistors comprising the steps of forming impurity diffused layers of one conductivity type and of the opposite conductivity type in a semiconductor substrate of one conductivity type; forming a film co
4358785 Compression type semiconductor device November 9, 1982
A compression type semiconductor device includes a semiconductor element; at least one metal plate having substantially upright edge surfaces, a planar contacting surface engaging a first surface of the semiconductor element and a continuous curved surface interconnecting the edge surfac
4243999 Gate turn-off thyristor January 6, 1981
A gate turn-off thyristor which comprises a semiconductor body having at least four contiguous layers, namely, a first layer of a first conductivity type, a second layer lying continguous to the first layer and having a second conductivity type, a third layer lying contiguous to the

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