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Ayers; Gregory M.
Duvall, WA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5813999 Implantable atrial defibrillator providing reduced cardioversion discomfort September 29, 1998
An implantable atrial cardiovertor applies cardioverting electrical energy to atria of a heart with reduced discomfort to a patient. The cardiovertor includes a storage capacitor having a capacitance and a discharge control for controlling discharge of the storage capacitor to apply the
5549641 Atrial fibrillation type selective cardiovertor and method August 27, 1996
An atrial cardiovertor/defibrillator provides therapy to the atria corresponding to the type of atrial arrhythmia occurring in the atria of the heart. The atrial cardiovertor/defibrillator includes a memory for storing respective different criteria for each of different types of atri
5486198 Atrial defibrillator and method for providing interval timing of successive intervals prior to c January 23, 1996
An atrial defibrillator and method provides cardioverting electrical energy to the atria of a human heart after timing successive R to R intervals. A detector detects ventricular activations of the heart and a timer times intervals between immediately successive ventricular activations.
5476498 Coronary sinus channel lead and method December 19, 1995
An intravenous lead for use with a cardiac device for implantation in the coronary sinus or the coronary sinus and great cardiac vein of the heart provides positive fixation for the lead when implanted in the coronary sinus or the coronary sinus and great vein of the heart. The lead incl
5405375 Combined mapping, pacing, and defibrillating catheter April 11, 1995
A catheter insertable into a body provides for both sensing electrical activity of the heart at localized locations of the heart and defibrillating the heart when defibrillation is required. The catheter includes a plurality of connectors at the proximal end and a plurality of electr
5403353 Post-heart surgery cardioverting system and method April 4, 1995
A post-surgical cardioverting system and method applies cardioverting electrical energy to the atria of the heart of a post-surgical heart patient. The system includes a first lead including a first elongated electrode having a proximal end and a distal end, a second lead including a
5395373 Atrial defibrillator and method for setting energy threshold values March 7, 1995
An implantable atrial defibrillator cardioverts the atria of a patient's heart and determines the quantity of cardioverting electrical energy required for cardioverting the atria of the patient. The atrial defibrillator includes a detector for detecting atrial activity of the heart a
5350402 Atrial defibrillator and method for providing T wave detection and interval timing prior to card September 27, 1994
An implantable atrial defibrillator and method provides cardioverting electrical energy to the atria of a human heart in need of cardioversion. The atrial defibrillator includes a first detector for detecting R waves of the heart, a second detector for detecting T waves of the heart, and

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