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Austin, Jr.; George K.
Newberg, OR
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D392878 Dental patient simulator March 31, 1998
D378416 Dental control unit March 11, 1997
D351231 Control unit for dental instruments October 4, 1994
D328791 Dental control unit August 18, 1992
D320257 Rotary spool valve September 24, 1991
D316600 Dental syringe April 30, 1991
D255929 Improved dental handpiece July 15, 1980
5823699 Post height adjustment for dental equipment October 20, 1998
An expandable stop ring slides over the end of a top post until it engages a selected one of a number of spaced apart grooves in the end of a top post. The end of the top post is inserted into a bottom tubular post until the stop ring fits inside a keeper that is mounted to the upper end
5788217 Cuspidor water supply valving August 4, 1998
The flow of water to a cuspidor bowl-rinse spout and cup-filling spout is controlled by a normally closed valve that is actuated by a lever, the ends of which lever protrude through opposite sides of the cuspidor housing. Either end of the lever may be moved in either of two opposite
5738520 Three-way pneumatic valve system April 14, 1998
The system is adapted for use with a portable dental delivery system and provides a selector for activating one of two handpieces. When one of the handpieces is to be activated, the supporting base is lifted from its wheels by a pneumatic support assembly that is controlled by the same
5645144 Control mechanism for sliding panel July 8, 1997
The present invention provides a mechanism for guiding and controlling the movement of a sliding panel relative to a fixed panel. The mechanism comprises a shaft attached to the sliding panel that passes through an elongate opening in a bracket attached to the fixed panel. Disposed about
5601331 Integrated dental chair and post-mounted delivery system February 11, 1997
Clearance in the seat base to which a post is pivotally mounted provides for wide-angle rotation of post-mounted equipment that is supported by the post that is mounted to the base. The location of the pivot axis is such that the mechanisms employed for pivotally mounting the equipment t
5433485 Syringe tip retainer assembly July 18, 1995
The syringe tip is connected to a syringe head by an assembly that permits quick detachment and replacement of syringe tips without the use of tools. In one embodiment the assembly is adjustable for permitting or restricting rotation of the syringe tip.
5430266 Control panel with sealed switch keypad July 4, 1995
The front panel of a control panel is provided with a recess for receiving a keypad. The recess is larger than the keypad to define a channel between the edges of the keypad and the sides of the recess. A sealant fills the channel to provide a smooth transition between the front panel an
5413358 Seal for push-button switches May 9, 1995
The seal (10) comprises a one-piece molded cylindrical body having an open end (12), a closed end (16) , and a cylindrical side wall (14) . Outwardly projecting sealing ridges (26 and 18) are formed on the wall portion. Seal 10 is inserted into a bore (38) in a control panel (40) such th
5407565 Solids collector used in dentistry April 18, 1995
The solids collector collects solids that may be ejected by an HVE. The collector includes a deflector for efficiently filling the collector.
5398899 Rotation adjustment for dental instrument holder March 21, 1995
Apparatus useful for rotatably securing a dental instrument holder to a rod and enabling a convenient manual adjustment of the angular position of the instrument holder.
5332194 Fluid flow controller July 26, 1994
A valve assembly for controlling fluid flow to a tube connected to the assembly by shifting of a sleeve mounted on the assembly. When the sleeve is shifted into a shutoff position, a fluid path through the assembly is completely occluded by a closure element in the sleeve. As the sleeve
5273427 Instrument holder with valve assembly December 28, 1993
A dental instrument holder is combined with a compact valve assembly that is operable for conveying signals to a control system whenever and instrument is removed from or returned to the holder.
5257341 Compact in-line thermostatically controlled electric water heater for use with dental instrument October 26, 1993
A compact, in-line electric water heater is provided for heating water to a temperature suitable for dental operations. The heater includes a cylindrical inner tube containing an electrical heater element and a cylindrical outer tube concentrically spaced therefrom, through which wat
5249881 Telescoping arm apparatus October 5, 1993
A telescoping arm has a rod slidable within a sleeve defining an interior bore. A bushing attached to the rod slides within the bore and has a substantially rigid block constrained by the bore against substantial rotation or lateral movement. The bushing further includes a spring por
5203373 Foot-actuated valves April 20, 1993
A foot-actuated valve assembly operable for delivering either a mixture of hot and cold water through a faucet, or solely cold water to the faucet. The user selectively actuates one of two sides of a kick plate. Actuation of one side of the kick plate causes a mixture of hot and cold wat
5201899 Control system for dental handpieces April 13, 1993
Control system for multiple handpieces and associated devices includes a plurality of module control blocks secured in an assembly with a manifold that receives and distributes fluids to the blocks. Blocks contain cartridge valves, each removable through a single face of the control
5190349 Dental chair March 2, 1993
The chair includes a movable seat and back that are configured to enhance the patient's comfort by providing lumbar support when the chair is in the recumbent position and by minimizing patient sliding within a moving chair. Chair movement is controlled by a microprocessor-based control
5176423 Apparatus for securing an instrument holder to a dental chair January 5, 1993
The apparatus secures a dental instrument holder to the movable backrest of a dental chair. The apparatus maintains a preselected orientation of the holder irrespective of movement of the backrest.
5150880 Valve assembly with flow control September 29, 1992
A female member with an internal fluid shut-off is mounted to a panel and has a bore for receiving a male member. The male member has a nose for insertion into the female portion such that it automatically opens the shut-off. The male member includes an internal flow-rate control valve a
4883316 Dental instrument delivery system November 28, 1989
A dental instrument delivery system is provided which includes an articulated retaining arm adjustable in a plurality of directions. The arm is connected to a cable mechanism in the back rest of a dental chair which allows the instruments carried by the arm to remain in a desired positio
4691948 Fail-secure lock system September 8, 1987
A fail-secure lock apparatus includes a normally pneumatically actuated locking bolt that can be manually operated to withdraw the same in the event of a power failure. The apparatus incorporates a standard key operated lockset connected to operate the pneumatic power drive means or,
4230452 Multiple dental handpiece control system October 28, 1980
The specification discloses a multiple dental handpiece control system in which lifting one handpiece out of its hanger blocks supply of power and coolants to all other handpieces. Each handpiece has an individual control unit and a blockout unit. When a handpiece is lifted from its hang
4188976 Multiple dental handpiece control system February 19, 1980
The specification discloses a multiple dental handpiece control system in which lifting one handpiece out of its hanger blocks supply of power and coolants to all other handpieces. Each handpiece has an individual control unit and a blockout unit. When a handpiece is lifted from its hang
4173827 Control for dental handpieces November 13, 1979
Module control block assemblies are clamped in a bank to individually control to handpieces drive air and air and water coolants and also supply drive air pressure to a gauge through an oversize aligned bore in blocks of the assemblies through which extends a tie rod clamping the assembl
4005885 Remote controlled door and window February 1, 1977
A lock mounted on a frame of a door or window by a U-shaped bracket includes an air cylinder attached to the bracket and adapted to be actuated by remote control to drive a dead bolt into a hole in the door or window. An electro-conductive pin carried by the bolt is moved between two

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