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Atarashi; Takafumi
Nishitama-gun, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8034404 Method for producing white powder comprising titanium oxide film and metallic silver film October 11, 2011
A method for producing a white powder, which includes forming on a surface of a base particle a titanium oxide film and a metallic silver film contiguously one upon another in this order, wherein the base particle includes a magnetic material, and wherein said step of forming on the
7704914 Photocatalyst and process for producing the same April 27, 2010
A photocatalyst which has high catalytic activity, is nontoxic, has a long life, can utilize visible light as it is for photocatalytic reactions, and is useful especially for hydrogen generation; and a process for producing the same. The photocatalyst comprises cadmium sulfide, has a
7608557 Highly active photocatalyst and process for producing the same October 27, 2009
Provided are a photocatalyst which is high in catalytic activity, is nontoxic, has a long life, allows visible light to be used directly for its photocatalytic reaction and is especially useful for hydrogen generation, and a process for producing it. It contains a cadmium compound, h
7566499 Light interference multi-layered film-coated powder design method, manufacturing method, and lig July 28, 2009
Optically coherent multilayered film-coated powder having weather resistance and a clear intended color, and processes for designing and producing the same are provided. A substance of the base particles providing an intended function and an intended color are selected; a spectral in
7169443 Powder coated with titania film and method for production thereof January 30, 2007
A titania film-coated powder comprising a base particle having provided thereon at least one titania film, wherein the base particle is coated with the titania film by suspending the base particle in a buffer solution having a pH of from 7.0 to 12.0 to obtain a suspension, and adding

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