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Asada; Tomoyuki
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8289102 Directional coupler October 16, 2012
A directional coupler includes capacitive elements electrically connected to a coupled port and an isolated port, respectively, for a coupled line on a chip (on-chip). The capacitive elements serve as matching capacitive elements and may be MIM (Metal Insulator Metal) capacitors on a
8207790 High frequency power amplifier June 26, 2012
A high frequency power amplifier includes first and second transistors connected in parallel and amplifying a high frequency signal; a first switch connected to outputs of the first and second transistors and which connects an input terminal selectively to first and second output ter
8138836 Emitter-follower type bias circuit March 20, 2012
An emitter-follower bias circuit supplying a bias voltage to the base of an amplification transistor includes: a depletion mode FET boosting a reference voltage; and an emitter-follower circuit generating the bias voltage in response to the reference voltage boosted by the depletion
7605648 Power amplifier October 20, 2009
A power amplifier according to the present invention is operated by switching a main power amplifier and a subsidiary power amplifier. The idle current of the subsidiary power amplifier is smaller than the idle current of the main power amplifier. Each of the main power amplifier and
7417507 Bias circuit for power amplifier having a low degradation in distortion characteristics August 26, 2008
A combined bias circuit in which a voltage drive bias circuit and a current drive bias circuit are provided in parallel with each other has a configuration in which a linearizer including a first resistor is connected between an amplifying transistor and a second resistor. This confi
7408412 Power amplifier and wireless communication device August 5, 2008
There are provided a power amplifying transistor, a bias circuit which supplies a bias current to the base of the power amplifying transistor, a current mirror circuit which detects a peak value of the collector voltage of the power amplifying transistor, and a control circuit which,
7145397 Output overvoltage protection circuit for power amplifier December 5, 2006
Disclosed is an output overvoltage protection circuit for a power amplifier having a plurality of stages, which comprises a monitor circuit for monitoring an output overvoltage of an output transistor in the final stage of the power amplifier and allowing a current to flow therethrough
6570451 High-frequency power amplifier May 27, 2003
A high-frequency power amplifier includes a semi-insulating GaAs substrate having disposed thereon an amplifying bipolar transistor, a bias circuit, a bias circuit output terminal connected to the bias circuit, and a base electrode connection terminal connected to the bipolar transistor;
6278328 Power amplifier August 21, 2001
While minimizing any increase in chip size and without incurring a loss in performance or operating characteristic under normal operating voltage conditions, a power amplifier protection circuit effectively prevents breakdown of power amplifying transistors resulting from output load

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