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Armond; Joseph A.
River Grove, IL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5718614 Control apparatus for grinder February 17, 1998
Downfeed apparatus in a grinder controlling the grinding wheel down in fast, medium and slow speeds, and up in fast speed. It is fed down continuously in successive passes throughout the grinding operation, and at the end of the grinding, the grinding wheel continues through a spark-
5267119 Electric permanent magnet chuck control November 30, 1993
Apparatus for demagnetizing and magnetizing a chuck, having circuitry for connection with a 3-phase 4-line AC source, and including a power circuit and a control circuit. The power circuit leads directly from the source to the chuck, without transformers and capacitors. The three phases
5013984 Indicator for a reciprocating member May 7, 1991
A reciprocating member has a series of LED's arranged in a signal line corresponding to the main line of movement of the reciprocating member. Associated with the LED's are dot-bar drivers, controlled by voltage for energizing the LED's serially, along the signal line according to the
4989376 Control mechanism for advancing parts of a machine tool February 5, 1991
An electronic encoder is driven by the cross shaft in the grinder that moves the grinder. The encoder includes a rotary disc constantly driven by the cross shaft, forwardly and rearwardly. Associated with the encoder is an electronic counter in which counting functions are performed in
4947090 Control for reciprocating part in a machine tool August 7, 1990
In a grinder having a reciprocating table, a pair of oppositely arranged traverse potentiometers are actuated by the table, and in each direction, the respective potentiometer produces an increasing voltage to reverse the table. A pair of remote potentiometers are arranged respectively o
4843516 Demagnetizing apparatus and method June 27, 1989
A chuck and a power transformer having a pair of secondaries for applying continuous unidirectional DC to the chuck. A pair of control transformers each having a pair of secondaries related to respective ones of the power secondaries, for producing opposite polarities on the chuck. A tim
4672345 Degausser/demagnetizer June 9, 1987
An upper magnet and a lower magnet respectively above and below the objects to be degaussed/demagnetized. They are arranged with their fields mutually transverse, and both at angles to a conveyor carrying the objects between the magnets. Either or both magnets may be rotated,
4639821 Degausser/demagnetizer January 27, 1987
The articles to be degaussed are carried along on a conveyor under which is a magnet rotating on an axis extending through the conveyor and the articles.
4595869 Solid state electrical control for a reversibly movable member June 17, 1986
In a grinder, the table carrying the workpiece to be ground reciprocates to carry it past a grinding wheel. The table moves armatures oppositely into and out of respective coils, inducting voltage therein for driving the reversible motor that moves the table. Remote coils with manually s
4470094 Demagnetizing apparatus and method September 4, 1984
A machine having a conveyor for carrying a workpiece to be magnetized therethrough. It includes two demagnetizing magnets arranged at a mutual angle of and both at to the direction of travel on the conveyor. The magnets are arranged respectively above and below the
4426672 Demagnetizer January 17, 1984
Continuous demagnetizing for a dial feeder grinder. The grinder has a rotating table, and a plurality of grinding heads for successively grinding workpieces put on the table and carried therepast. The workpieces are held on the table by a magnetic chuck, and to remove them, they must

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