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Anderson; Daniel W.
South Weber, UT
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5630613 Apparatus for aiding in the opening of an integral deployment door in a panel of an airbag assem May 20, 1997
An integral deployment door in a panel of an airbag assembly which covers and conceals an airbag module. The molded panel having a front surface layer, a foam core, and a rear surface substrate has notches therein in alignment with the proposed tear region or sides of the deployment door
5626357 Passenger airbag module using an essentially unitary cover May 6, 1997
An essentially unitary airbag cover assembly is provided for concealing an airbag module. The cover has a vehicle panel with a front surface, a foam core and panel substrate with a dropped lip or shelf on a distal end thereof. A deployment door incorporated in the panel is hinged to the
5533749 Apparatus for improved detachment of the deployment door of an airbag assembly July 9, 1996
A deployment door positioned in a panel of a vehicle is opened by an airbag module located rearwardly of the deployment door. Apparatus is provided for detaching the door at a tear region from the remaining area of the panel, thereby providing a doorway outlet through the panel for the
5466000 Flat-lying cutter/ripper foldable into upstanding position during deployment of a vehicle airbag November 14, 1995
In a vehicle airbag installation in which a deployment door in a panel becomes detached along a tearable region of the panel for creating an outlet in the panel through which an inflating airbag deploys, apparatus for detaching the deployment door at such a tear region includes a cut
5398961 Flexible strap attachment method and apparatus for passenger air bag module cover March 21, 1995
A fastening method and apparatus for attaching an automotive vehicle instrument panel air bag deployment door, an air bag module cover, to a passenger air bag module reaction canister. The apparatus provides a reliable cover release mechanism during an air bag deployment while allowi

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