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Akiyama; Shigeki
Ichinomiya, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8040577 Image reading apparatus October 18, 2011
In an image reading apparatus, a retreat control device moves a conveyance target through a conveyance mechanism, when a stop operation is performed by a stop control device, in an opposite direction to an image reading direction to a position further from a restart reference positio
8033541 Image forming apparatus and method of feeding a sheet October 11, 2011
An image forming apparatus includes a tray, a sheet conveying path through which sheets are conveyed, a sheet feeding unit including a sheet feed roller for feeding a first sheet to a sheet holding position, a sheet conveying unit having a conveyor roller that intermittently rotates
8026678 Motor control device September 27, 2011
A motor control device includes at least one operating unit that is provided corresponding to at least one motor to operate the at least one motor, and a control unit that, each time at least one control cycle arrives in which the at least one motor is operated, sets a manipulated va
7889400 Image reading apparatus for determining a setback distance after reading interruption February 15, 2011
An image reading apparatus includes a driving source, a conveying mechanism, a reading control unit, an acceleration distance measuring unit, an interruption determination unit, a stop control unit, a deceleration distance measuring unit, a setback control unit, and a setback distanc
7884971 Multiplied pulse generation device, multiplied pulse generation method, image forming apparatus, February 8, 2011
In a multiplied pulse generation device, a detection signal is outputted every time a driven object is driven by a specific amount. An actual cycle indicating a time interval between the detection signal and a previous detection signal is measured. An estimated cycle is estimated bas
7821216 Motor control method and control device October 26, 2010
When motor drive is initiated, firstly a PWM value at time of driving initiation is set to an initial setting value start_pwm1, and gradually increased by a specified amount in specified period. When an encoder edge is detected, the PWM value is reset to the initial setting value, and
7810901 Driving apparatus October 12, 2010
A driving apparatus, including a driving device which moves an object along a predetermined path; a linear encoder including a linear scale and a detector one of which is moved relatively to the other when the object is moved along the predetermined path; a control device which controls,
7766445 Inkjet recording apparatus August 3, 2010
An inkjet recording apparatus of a serial recording type which comprises a recording head, a carriage and a conveying device. The recording head is capable of selectively ejecting ink toward a recording medium. The carriage with the recording head mounted thereon reciprocatingly moves in
7621518 Image recording apparatus November 24, 2009
An image recording apparatus includes a record unit; a first roller provided upstream of the record unit; a second roller provided downstream of the record unit; a motor which drives the first and second rollers; a first drive signal generation unit which generates a first drive signal
7561829 Motor control device, image forming apparatus, and motor control method July 14, 2009
A motor control device includes a velocity detection unit, a motor control unit, a phase difference detection unit, and a correction value calculation unit. The velocity detection unit detects each velocity of a plurality of driven bodies or of a plurality of motors which independent
7498760 Drive control apparatus March 3, 2009
A drive control apparatus including a feed-forward operation amount generation device, a feed-back operation amount generation device, a feed-forward correction amount generation device and a feed-forward operation amount correction device is provided. The drive control apparatus is
7463000 Motor controlling method, motor controlling apparatus, and recording apparatus December 9, 2008
A method of controlling, by an adaptive control method, an electric motor as a drive source of an operating apparatus that operates, based on a driving force produced by the electric motor, under an arbitrary one of a plurality of operating conditions, and exhibits different dynamic
7462998 Apparatus and method for generating acceleration profile for controlling object using optimized December 9, 2008
A technique is disclosed for generating an acceleration profile indicative of a time history of an acceleration of a controlled object, to thereby generate at least one of a target velocity profile indicative of a time history of a target velocity of the controlled object and a target
7334787 Paper feeding apparatus February 26, 2008
When the sheets are taken out sheet by sheet and started to be fed, in a first predetermined section, a driving mode is set to a fixed PWM driving mode, and a DC motor is driven in response to a PWM signal of a fixed duty to perform the sheet feed operation (S110, S120). When the tip end
7230401 Apparatus and method for controlling an electric motor June 12, 2007
An apparatus for controlling an electric motor provided to drive a movable object such that a detected actual amount of motion of a movable portion of the electric motor or the movable object coincides with a target amount, comprising: a control-condition changing device operable to
7026775 Method and apparatus for controlling speed of moving body April 11, 2006
Method and apparatus for controlling a moving speed of a moving body, wherein at least one transient target speed value in addition to a final target speed value is used to control the moving speed in an accelerating period between a moment of initiation of a movement of the moving body
6984955 Motor control device January 10, 2006
In a motor control device controlling a motor by a state feedback control, high control accuracy is maintained regardless of fluctuations in a motor load so as to improve control performance of the state feedback control. A control signal (manipulation amount) outputted from a feedback
6930458 Apparatus for controlling deceleration of DC motor August 16, 2005
An apparatus for controlling deceleration of a DC motor which is driven in a forward operating direction with a forward-drive electric current applied thereto by a forward driving device, wherein the forward motor driving device applies the forward-drive electric current in the form of
6812668 Apparatus, method and program for controlling an electric motor November 2, 2004
Apparatus, method and program for controlling electric motors to drive movable objects, wherein an input-rectifying device is operable, when a control signal to be applied to one of the electric motors requires the motor to be operated so as to operate the object in a direction opposite
6805426 Motor control method and apparatus October 19, 2004
Method and apparatus for controlling an operating speed of a motor provided to move an object body such as a carriage carrying a printing head in a printer, wherein a control-signal generating portion generates a control signal for controlling the speed of the motor such that a moving sp

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