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Aiello; Natale
Catania, IT
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6518139 Power semiconductor device structure with vertical PNP transistor February 11, 2003
A power semiconductor device structure formed in a chip of semiconductor material includes an N-type substrate and an N-type epitaxial layer. The structure comprises a P-type insulation region which forms a pocket in which control circuitry is formed, and a plurality of fully insulated P
6346779 Variable frequency self-oscillating half-bridge drive architecture particularly for electric loa February 12, 2002
A drive architecture for electric loads, and in particular for loads of light sources is presented. The architecture includes first and second drive circuit blocks connected in series with each other into a half-bridge configuration between first and second terminals of a rectified e
6337503 Integrated power circuit with reduced parasitic current flow January 8, 2002
Presented is an integrated circuit structure having a power transistor in a first well and control circuitry in another well. Between the power and control regions is an intermediate region including a biaging circuit secured to prevent flow of parasitic current from the wells into the
6255890 Circuit for controlling the switching of a load by means of an emitter-switching device July 3, 2001
A circuit controls switching of a load between two supply terminals by a device in an emitter-switching configuration formed by a high-voltage bipolar power transistor and a low-voltage switch element. The bipolar power transistor has a collector connected to the load. The switch element
6127723 Integrated device in an emitter-switching configuration October 3, 2000
An integrated device in an emitter-switching configuration comprises a first bipolar transistor having a base region, an emitter region, and a collector region, a second transistor having a charge-collection terminal connected to an emitter terminal of the first transistor, and a quenchi
6091276 Device in an emitter-switching configuration with means for recovering the electrical charge dur July 18, 2000
A device in an emitter-switching configuration comprises a high-voltage transistor having a first terminal connected directly to a first power terminal of the device, a control terminal connected to a control terminal of the device, and a second terminal. The device also includes a l
6084286 Integrated device in an emitter switching configuration and with a cellular structure July 4, 2000
An integrated device comprises a high-voltage transistor and a low-voltage transistor in an emitter-switching configuration integrated in a chip (400) of semiconductor material comprising a buried P-type region (120) and a corresponding P-type contact region (405) which delimit a portion
6057578 Protective integrated structure with biasing devices having a predetermined reverse conduction t May 2, 2000
An integrated structure comprises a protective Zener diode connected between a first and a second terminal of the structure, and is formed in a chip of semiconductor material within an insulating region. The structure includes first and second biasing Zener diodes connected back-to-back
6051933 Bipolar power device having an integrated thermal protection for driving electric loads April 18, 2000
A monolithically integrated power device for driving electrical loads includes a power stage having a high-voltage bipolar transistor and a low-voltage auxiliary transistor cascade-connected and inserted between a first power supply terminal and a second power supply terminal of the
5986411 IC for implementing the function of a DIAC diode November 16, 1999
The present invention relates to an integrated circuit adapted to perform the function of a diode of the DIAC type, the circuit having an input terminal and an output terminal. The circuit includes a first input transistor having a first terminal connected to a fixed voltage reference,
5914522 Power semiconductor structure with lateral transistor driven by vertical transistor June 22, 1999
A power semiconductor structure (200), in particular in VIPower technology, made from a chip of N-type semiconductor material (110), comprising a bipolar or field-effect vertical power transistor (125, 120, 110) having a collector or drain region in such N-type material (110); the semico
5830783 Monolithic semiconductor device having an edge structure and method for producing said structure November 3, 1998
A monolithic semiconductor device having an edge structure that facilitates integrating high power devices an logic devices on the same substrate. The semiconductor device includes on a substrate of a first type of doping, a control region of a second type of doping, which is provided wi
5804866 Method and device for dynamically self-biasing regions of integrated circuits September 8, 1998
A method and device for maintaining junction isolation between a second region that is normally clamped at a reference potential, contained within a first region of an opposite type of conductivity whose potential is subject to large inertial swings. The junction is ensured even when the
5796292 Circuit for biasing epitaxial regions with a bias voltage that is not lower than ground referenc August 18, 1998
A circuit for biasing epitaxial wells of a semiconductor integrated circuit includes a first transistor and a second transistor driven in phase opposition to the first; when the supply voltage is positive, the first transistor, being connected between the power supply and the epitaxial
5763934 Integrated electronic device with reduced parasitic currents, and corresponding methods June 9, 1998
The present invention relates to an electronic device integrated monolithlly on a semiconductor material comprising a substrate having a first conductivity type in which are formed first and second diffusion regions of a second conductivity type. The substrate and the first and seco
5635868 Power transistor current limiter June 3, 1997
A circuit to limit the maximum current passed from a power transistor (T'p) to a load (ZL) which is connected to an output terminal of the transistor. The circuit includes an error amplifier (1'), a driver circuit (P') for the transistor (T'p), and a current detector for detecting the cu
5631551 Voltage reference with linear negative temperature variation May 20, 1997
A bandgap voltage reference circuit employs a Vbe voltage multiplier network in a feedback line of an output amplifier of the bandgap reference circuit, thus permitting to independently fix the output voltage that is produced and the temperature coefficient thereof. A voltage reference
5449936 High current MOS transistor bridge structure September 12, 1995
A high current MOS transistor integrated bridge structure includes at least two arms, each having a first and a second MOS transistor. The structure is formed on an N++ substrate forming a positive potential output terminal, and an N-type epitaxial layer. For each first transistor, an L
5444291 Integrated bridge device for optimizing conduction power losses August 22, 1995
An integrated bridge device includes at least two arms, each of which is formed of a first and second diode connected transistor in series. The device is formed in an N+ substrate, which forms a positive output terminal. N- and N type epitaxial layers are formed over the substrate, a
5382837 Switching circuit for semiconductor device January 17, 1995
A circuit for connecting a first circuit node to either a second or a third circuit node relative to the voltage potential on the third circuit node includes two bipolar transistors connected in series. The collectors of both transistors are connected to the first circuit node. The emitt

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