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Ahn; Joon Tae
Daejeon, KR
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8077382 Gain-clamped optical amplifying apparatus using fiber Raman amplifier having Raman cavity December 13, 2011
Provided is a gain-clamped (GC) optical amplifier using a fiber Raman amplifier (FRA) having a Raman cavity. The FRA having a Raman cavity comprises a Raman fiber module (RFM) amplifying and outputting an input optical signal and a resonant cavity generating a Raman laser and a gain
7738165 Amplified spontaneous emission reflector-based gain-clamped fiber amplifier June 15, 2010
Provided is an all-optical gain-clamped fiber amplifier, comprising transmission and isolation means for periodically transmitting an optical signal or reflecting amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) back to a gain medium. The transmission and isolation means can be embodied by an op
7646951 Apparatus for manufacturing optical fiber Bragg grating, optical fiber, and mid-infrared optical January 12, 2010
Provided is an apparatus for manufacturing an optical fiber Bragg grating. The optical fiber Bragg grating manufacturing apparatus includes: an optical fiber; a laser for irradiating a laser beam to the optical fiber to change a refractive index of a core of the optical fiber; an optical
7616668 Fiber laser system using fiber having dysprosium November 10, 2009
Provided is a fiber laser system including fiber containing dysprosium. The fiber laser system uses pump light. A resonator of the fiber laser system includes a dichroic mirror, a partial reflection mirror, and/or an FBG. Therefore, the fiber laser system can provide
7551348 Tellurite glass composite, optical waveguide and optical amplifier using the same June 23, 2009
Provided are a tellurite glass composite, an optical waveguide, and an optical amplifier using the tellurite glass composite. The tellurite glass composite includes an entire composite including 25 (mol %).ltoreq.TeO.sub.2.ltoreq.90 (mol %), 1 (mol %).ltoreq.T.sub.1O.sub.3.ltoreq.55
7511881 Amplified spontaneous emission reflector-based gain-clamped fiber amplifier March 31, 2009
Provided is an all-optical gain-clamped fiber amplifier, comprising transmission and isolation means for periodically transmitting an optical signal or reflecting amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) back to a gain medium. The transmission and isolation means can be embodied by an op
7440165 Optical fiber October 21, 2008
Provided is an optical fiber. The optical fiber includes a core and a cladding, the core containing a first element for inducing non-linear Raman phenomenon, and the cladding containing a second element which is a rare earth element, wherein when the optical fiber is pumped by two pu
7142740 Planar lightwave circuit type optical transceiver module November 28, 2006
Provided is a planar lightwave circuit (PLC) type optical transceiver module, in which for a diplex optical transceiver module that uses different wavelengths in upstream and downstream, an optical waveguide connected to a light-receiving unit is a multi-mode waveguide and an optical
7133195 Gain-clamped fiber amplifier November 7, 2006
Provided is a gain-clamped fiber amplifier for amplifying the magnitude of an input optical signal in an optical communication system. The gain-clamped fiber amplifier includes a first amplifier for amplifying a predetermined optical signal and a second amplifier for compensating for
7099072 Direct optical modulation type wavelength converter August 29, 2006
A direct optical modulation (DOM) type wavelength converter is provided. The provided wavelength converter is a gain-clamped semiconductor optical amplifier (GC-SOA), which does not require a continuous wave (CW) signal, or a semiconductor laser in itself, and reduces a coupling loss bet
7092602 Method of fabricating polymer waveguides for passive alignment to optical fibers in an optical m August 15, 2006
Is provided a method of forming a polymer waveguide for passive alignment to an optical fiber in an optical module. A groove mounting an optical fiber thereon is formed on a substrate, and a shielding layer pattern is formed to selectively shield the groove. Polymer layers for an optical
5822355 Dual cavity laser October 13, 1998
A dual cavity laser having a positively mode-locked structure capable of double increasing the repetition rate of output light. The dual cavity laser includes an amplitude modulator to simultaneously generate two modulating signals with opposite phases. The dual cavity laser has a si
5790579 Semiconductor laser device for pulse laser oscillation August 4, 1998
A pulsed semiconductor laser has a lower threshold current and a more stable pulse train. The structure includes a saturable absorber section has a quantum well structure for laser oscillation, a gain section, a phase control section, and a super structure grating-distributed Bragg r

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