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Abys; Joseph A.
Warren, NJ
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8226807 Composite coatings for whisker reduction July 24, 2012
There is provided a method and composition for applying a wear resistant composite coating onto a metal surface of an electrical component. The method comprises contacting the metal surface with an electrolytic plating composition comprising (a) a source of tin ions and (b) non-metal
8216645 Self assembled molecules on immersion silver coatings July 10, 2012
A method for enhancing the corrosion resistance of an article comprising a silver coating deposited on a solderable copper substrate is provided. The method comprises exposing the copper substrate having the immersion-plated silver coating thereon to an anti-corrosion composition com
7972655 Anti-tarnish coatings July 5, 2011
A method is disclosed for enhancing the corrosion resistance of a surface of a copper or copper alloy substrate. The method comprises depositing a metallic surface layer comprising a precious metal on a surface of the copper or copper alloy substrate by immersion displacement plating and
7883738 Metallic surface enhancement February 8, 2011
A method and composition for enhancing corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and contact resistance of a device comprising a copper or copper alloy substrate and at least one metal-based layer on a surface of the substrate. The composition comprises a phosphorus oxide compound selec
7794531 Organic solderability preservative comprising high boiling temperature alcohol September 14, 2010
An organic solderability preservative (OSP) composition comprising an alkyl cyclic alcohol and an azole compound having enhanced composition stability against crystallization of the azole compound.
7713859 Tin-silver solder bumping in electronics manufacture May 11, 2010
A process for forming a solder bump on an under bump metal structure in the manufacture of a microelectronic device comprising exposing the under bump metal structure to an electrolytic bath comprising a source of Sn.sup.2+ ions, a source of Ag.sup.+ ions, a thiourea compound and/or a
7670950 Copper metallization of through silicon via March 2, 2010
A method for metallizing a through silicon via feature in a semiconductor integrated circuit device substrate comprising immersing the semiconductor integrated circuit device substrate into an electrolytic copper deposition composition comprising a source of copper ions, an organic s
6534192 Multi-purpose finish for printed wiring boards and method of manufacture of such boards March 18, 2003
A printed wiring board (PWB) and a method of manufacturing the same. In one embodiment, the PWB includes: (1) a substrate having a conductive trace located thereon and (2) a multi-purpose finish including palladium alloy where palladium is alloyed with cobalt or a platinum group metal an
6517893 Method of manufacture of printed wiring boards having multi-purpose finish February 11, 2003
A printed wiring board (PWB) and a method of manufacturing the same. In one embodiment, the PWB includes: (1) a substrate having a conductive trace located thereon and (2) a multi-purpose finish including palladium alloy where palladium is alloyed with cobalt or a platinum group metal an
5413692 Hydrodynamically modulated hull cell May 9, 1995
Electrodeposition in surface finishing as well as in electroforming can be performed in a broad range of hydrodynamic conditions. In some instances, such as barrel plating, the liquid is barely moving relative to the work piece, while in jet plating the solution moves up to several meter
5380400 Chemical etchant for palladium January 10, 1995
A cyanide based aqueous solution for stripping palladium from copper-containing substrate. The solution includes a cyanide radical source compound, Na.sub.2 CO.sub.3, a nitrobenzoic acid, NaOH, thallium compound, an organo mercapto compound, and water. The presence of the organo merc
5360991 Integrated circuit devices with solderable lead frame November 1, 1994
A packaged device with a lead frame, a lead frame and an article of manufacture comprising a base metal, a layer of nickel on the base metal, and a protective composite of metal layers on the nickel. The composite includes, in succession from the nickel layer, a layer of palladium or
5275711 Rotating cylinder-throwing power electrode January 4, 1994
This invention pertains to an apparatus and method for measuring throwing power of electroplating solutions. The apparatus is easy to use and gives reproducible measurements. The apparatus emulates the performance of a conventional Haring Blum cell. The major disadvantage of the standard
5228976 Hydrodynamically modulated hull cell July 20, 1993
The invention provides, in electroplating quality control methods for manufacturing, better similarity and relevance between a Hull Cell quality control test and a particular plating operation. The invention is a simple and yet functional instrument which can be used to identify the
5180482 Thermal annealing of palladium alloys January 19, 1993
This invention is concerned with production of electrical devices comprising an electrodeposited conductive region free from cracking defects. In the production of a contact portion of the device from a metal strip electroplated with a conductive stripe of an alloy, the stripe exhibi
5178745 Acidic palladium strike bath January 12, 1993
This invention is an acid palladium strike bath which improves adhesion and porosity of subsequent platings of palladium or palladium alloys on metal substrates, especially those susceptible to passivation such as nickel, chromium, bronze and steel. The acid palladium strike bath which i
5135622 Electrochemical synthesis of palladium hydroxide compounds August 4, 1992
This invention embodies a process for synthesizing electrodialythically palladium ammine hydroxide for use in palladium plating baths. The electrodialysis takes place in a cell with a catholyte, a product and an anolyte compartments which are divided by a fluorinated anion permselect
5024733 Palladium alloy electroplating process June 18, 1991
An electroplating process is described for electroplating alloys of palladium and arsenic. The resulting electrodeposits are bright, ductile and remain ductile and crack-free even when the electrodeposits are quite thick. The deposits are quite hard and suitable for contact surfaces
4911799 Electrodeposition of palladium films March 27, 1990
A process for electroplating palladium containing deposits from baths comprising a combination of a surfactant and a brightener combination. The surfactant is an alkyl, ammonium-type salt containing 4 to 35 carbon atoms. The brightener is 0-benzaldehydesulfonic acid, 1-naphthalene su
4911798 Palladium alloy plating process March 27, 1990
A process is described for electroplating palladium and palladium alloys. The process involves the use of an alkyl hydroxyamine as complexing agent and is particularly good for palladium alloys such as palladium-nickel and palladium-cobalt.

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