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Abe; Keisuke
Yokohama, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7956103 Ink composition and metallic material June 7, 2011
To provide an ink composition capable of forming a metallic material which is excellent in adhesion to a substrate and free from ion migration. An ink composition having fine metallic copper particles and/or fine copper hydride particles, and fine silver oxide particles or fine metal
7550513 Fine metal hydride particles, their production process, dispersion containing fine metal hydride June 23, 2009
It is to provide fine particles of copper, nickel or palladium hydride having an average particle diameter of at most 50 nm, which are hardly oxidized in the atmosphere and are excellent in storage stability and are thereby very suitable for formation of metallic materials, and their
7390440 Process for producing metal-containing particles having their surface coated with at least two d June 24, 2008
To provide metal-containing fine particles having good dispersion stability, which have their surface coated with dispersants vaporizable even during firing at low temperatures, a fine particle dispersion having the above metal-containing fine particles dispersed therein, and an elec
5578377 Colored thin film-forming coating solution and colored thin film obtained by such coating soluti November 26, 1996
A coating solution for forming a colored thin film, which contains a metal oxide containing nitrogen.
5320913 Conductive film and low reflection conductive film, and processes for their production June 14, 1994
A conductive film consisting essentially of oxides of Ru and In.

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