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Abe; Keiko
Yokohama, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8578318 Method for implementing circuit design for integrated circuit and computer readable medium November 5, 2013
In one embodiment, a method for implementing a circuit design for an integrated circuit includes: (a) obtaining a first wiring to satisfy a given operating frequency; (b) calculating a maximum bypass wiring length based on the given operating frequency and a critical path of the first
8243498 Semiconductor integrated circuit August 14, 2012
According to one embodiment, a semiconductor integrated circuit includes first and second inverters, a first transistor which has a gate connected to a word line, a source connected to a first bit line, and a drain connected to an input terminal of the second inverter, a second trans
7948813 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and its reading method May 24, 2011
A reading method includes: selecting the memory cell; performing a read operation on the selected memory cell to supply the read voltage, amplifying a first voltage read out from the selected memory element, outputting a second voltage obtained by amplifying the first voltage, and st
7903451 Storage apparatus including non-volatile SRAM March 8, 2011
According to one embodiment, a storage apparatus includes: a first inverter; a second inverter; a first storage element having a first state and a second state; and a second storage element having a third state and a fourth state, wherein the first storage element is brought into the
7772905 Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus August 10, 2010
It is made possible to provide a flip-flop circuit capable of implementing the error correction function with a small area increase as far as possible and a pipeline system using such a flip-flop circuit. A flip-flop circuit includes: a flip-flop configured to operate based on a risi
7733145 Nonvolatile latch circuit and nonvolatile flip-flop circuit June 8, 2010
A nonvolatile latch circuit includes: a first gate part controlling to load or intercept an input signal based on a gate signal; a first logic gate functioning as an inverter or a gate outputting a constant voltage in response to the first control signal; a second logic gate functioning
7671397 Switching element March 2, 2010
There is disclosed a switching element including a first input/output electrode, a movable portion which repeats contact/non-contact with respect to the first input/output electrode, a second input/output electrode connected with the movable portion, a floating gate electrode which i
7653855 Random number test circuit, random number generation circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit, January 26, 2010
A random number test circuit includes a counting unit to count number of repetitions of a certain-value bit in a random number sequence, the repetitions occurring in series, a detecting unit to detect a plurality of numbers corresponding to a kind of bits in the random number sequence,
7642538 Switching element, line-switching device and logic circuit January 5, 2010
A switching element for ON/OFF switching includes a pair of electrodes provided on a substrate separately from each other, a phase change film contacting the electrodes and having its resistance varied in accordance with the history of heating, and a heating mechanism for heating the
7606096 Semiconductor integrated circuit device October 20, 2009
A semiconductor integrated circuit device, has a first variable resistor element and a second variable resistor element whose resistances are changed complementarily depending on a current; and a current path switching circuit that supplies said current from a power supply by switchi
7184297 Semiconductor memory device February 27, 2007
A semiconductor memory includes: a first node and a second node; a first MIS transistor, having first conductive carrier flows, including a source electrode connected to a first power supply, a drain electrode connected to the second node, and a gate electrode connected to the first node
7110397 Packet transfer apparatus September 19, 2006
A packet transfer apparatus switches and transfers cell or frame signals. The apparatus efficiently routes cell or frame signals that are made from packet data based on Internet protocols. The apparatus has a switch for making a connection path among a first node, a second node, and a ro

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