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Abbott; Alan D.
Manlius, NY
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7665314 Intermodal air compressor water separator and heat exchanger February 23, 2010
A refrigerated container having an air compressor for maintaining a controlled atmosphere includes provisions for cooling the ambient air being drawn in by the air compressor to thereby prevent corrosion in the air compressor. A condensing line heat exchanger is connected between an
6023940 Flow distributor for air conditioning unit February 15, 2000
A split air conditioner unit having a distributor located indoors for delivering refrigerant to a plurality of evaporator flow circuits. The distributor is connected to an outdoor condenser by a refrigerant line containing an expansion device. A strainer is located at the entrance to
5214939 Variable area refrigerant expansion device having a flexible orifice June 1, 1993
A refrigeration expansion valve meters the flow of refrigerant therethrough through a flexible orifice that varies in cross sectional area as a function of the pressure differential across the valve. The flexible orifice is provided in a tubular elastomeric element that is supported at
5186899 Fixture for supporting a refrigerant sampling tube in a closed system February 16, 1993
A holder for use with a refrigerant purity sampling tube is provided with a base and two end fittings. The end fittings are adapted to establish a releasably fluid tight relationship with the opposite ends of a sampling tube. One end fitting is fixed to the base and the other is slideabl
5065593 Method for controlling indoor coil freeze-up of heat pumps and air conditioners November 19, 1991
A heat pump diagnostic and control system for controlling indoor coil freeze-up when in the cooling mode is provided. A low indoor coil temperature is sensed, the indoor fan speed is increased in steps up to a maximum to thaw the frost on the indoor coil. If this is not sufficient, t

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