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Aalbers; Johan G.
Bodegraven, NL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4242215 Substantially environmental-pollution-free laundry detergent composition December 30, 1980
A detergent composition is provided containing as essential ingredients one or more surfactants, one or more builders, perborate, and a member of the group chosen from (a) acidic substances acceptable in detergent compositions and having a pK value of at least 2, and (b) compounds which
4188311 Detergent compositions containing ether sulfates February 12, 1980
Detergent compositions containing ether sulfates are provided, wherein ether sulfates are used of the formula RO--(C.sub.2 H.sub.4 O).sub.n SO.sub.3 M, wherein R is an alkyl group containing about 12 to about 15 carbon atoms or a mixture of such groups, n is a number having an average
4171261 Process for the flotation of ores and collector for use in this process October 16, 1979
A process is provided for the flotation of ores, wherein compounds of the formula RO-(C.sub.x H.sub.2x O).sub.n CH.sub.2 COOM, wherein R is an aliphatic residue of 8-18 carbon atoms or an alkylaryl residue having 6-12 carbon atoms in the alkyl moiety, n has an average value of 0-10 and x

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