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Toe sock

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #RE43213.

An anatomic dry athletic toe sock includes a sock shaft section with a shaft support section to encircle a lower part of a leg of a wearer and to maintain the sock in proper orientation upon a wearer's leg, and a closed foot section adapted to receive the foot of the wearer. The closed foot section includes a heel section adapted to receive a heel of the wearer therein, an arch section having an arch support section to encircle the foot of the wearer in the arch of the wearer's foot and to prevent the arch section from moving relative to the wearer's foot, and a plurality of separated, closed toe sections to receive toes of the foot of the wearer. The toe sections are joined by nested, overlapping material portions. The sock is also made at least partially of an air-permeable hydrophobic fiber material.

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