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Safety trip assembly and trip lock mechanism for a fastener driving tool

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #RE38834.

A fastener driving tool includes a housing assembly with a nosepiece assembly defining a drive track. A driving mechanism is housed within the housing assembly to drive a fastener through the drive track and into a workpiece in response to a trigger. The tool includes a safety trip assembly which includes a trigger enabling portion and a workpiece engaging portion and is movable between an extended disabling position and a retracted enabling position. The safety trip assembly is biased toward the extended position and is moved toward the retracted position by engagement between the workpiece and the workpiece engaging member. The workpiece engaging portion is movable to permit adjustment of a length of the safety trip assembly. The safety trip assembly includes a coupling mechanism including a fixed locking structure formed on an exterior portion of the workpiece engaging portion and a manually operable locking mechanism. The locking mechanism is carried by the trigger enabling portion and includes a locking member mounting structure and has a manually operable locking member mounted thereon. The movable locking member is biased into a locking position, engaging the fixed locking structure and preventing relative movement between the workpiece engaging portion and the trigger enabling portion and may move into a releasing portion disengaging the fixed locking structure and permitting such relative movement. A user may manually move the locking mechanism against the bias by engaging the movable locking member and moving it from the locking position to the releasing position.

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