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Wheel-activated vehicle restraint system

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #RE37570.

A wheel-activated vehicle restraint system including a support structure disposed beside the path of the vehicle approaching the dock, and including a guide member extending away from the dock face, and an elevated supporting member. A trigger assembly is operatively connected to the guide member, and initially engages the wheel of the vehicle as it rolls toward the dock. A locking arm operatively engages the supporting member to move from a stored position to a chocking position on the wheel as the wheel engages the trigger and moves it toward the dock. A trolley assembly operatively connects the trigger assembly and the locking arm, the trolley assembly and the locking arm being connected at a connection point. The trigger assembly is selectively positionable relative to the connection point in response to the dimensions of the wheel, and the locking arm engages a bottom portion of the wheel, and moves along the peripheral surface of the wheel to a chocking position as the wheel continues to push the trigger assembly toward the dock.

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