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Apparatus and methods for music and lyrics broadcasting

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #RE37131.

A system for broadcasting audio music and broadcasting lyrics for display and highlighting substantially simultaneously with the occurrence of the lyrics in the accompanying audio music is provided. The system includes .[.a.]. music source that provides a data output and .[.a.]. .Iaddend.analog audio signal output. A computer receives the data output by the music source and generates lyric text data and lyric timing commands. A subcarrier generator generates a subcarrier signal carrying the lyric text data and lyric timing commands. An FM transmitter broadcasts a composite signal that combines the analog output of the music source with the subcarrier signal. A lyric display unit receives the composite signal, separates and decodes the subcarrier signal and displays and highlights lyrics according .Iaddend.the lyric text data and lyric timing commands decoded from the subcarrier signal.

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