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Semiconductor slice cassette transport unit

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #RE34311.

A transport mechanism (40) for transporting a semiconductor slice cassette between a clean carrier (10) and a process machine comprises a housing (41) having a forward portion (42) positioned in the people-occupied area of the clean room and a rear portion (46) positioned in the process machine area aerodynamically isolated from people. A moveable glider plate (50) is adapted to receive the carrier (10) and is initially positioned in an aperture provided in the upper surface of forward portion (42). A gearing mechanism (54) is provided which cooperates with glider plate (50) to move the semiconductor slice cassettes mounted on the base of carrier (10) between forward portion (42) and rear portion (46). The semiconductor slices are shielded from particulate contamination as the semiconductor cassette is transported on glider plate (50) between forward portion (42) and rear portion (46) and for evacuating any particulate contamination generated within transport mechanism (40) to create a negative pressure therein relative to the people-occupied area and the process machine area.

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