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Device and method for cutting slaughtered poultry in separate pieces

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #RE32697.

A device for cutting slaughtered poultry in separate pieces. A bird is held by at least one radial processing device which is movable on a frame by a driving device which is provided with a processing arm, at the side facing the frame being provided with an adjustment mechanism which can reorient the processing device during the movement of the arm in a number of various positions of rotation with respect to the arm and a blocking mechanism which can fix the processing device in said positions of rotation, with a deblocking mechanism for unlocking the processing device, and said processing arm at the side facing away from the frame being provided with a stretching mechanism for holding the bird. A number of driven knives mounted on the frame comprise of a first knife for cutting the breast, a second knife for cutting the first wing, a third knife for cutting the bird lengthwise in two halves, a fourth knife for cutting the other wing, a fifth knife for cutting the entire leg and a sixth knife for cutting the lower legs from the rumps.

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