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Sulfur resistant emissions catalyst

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8609575.

A catalyst of one or more complex oxides having a nominal composition as set out in formula (1): A.sub.xB.sub.1-y-zMyP.sub.zO.sub.n (1) wherein A is selected from one or more group III elements including the lanthanide elements or one or more divalent or monovalent cations; B is selected from one or more elements with atomic number 22 to 24, 40 to 42 and 72 to 75; M is selected from one or more elements with atomic number 25 to 30; P is selected from one or more elements with atomic number 44 to 50 and 76 to 83; x is defined as a number where 0<x.ltoreq.1; y is defined as a number where 0.ltoreq.y<0.5; and z is defined as a number where 0<z<0.2.

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